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I/O Ports on IP-PBX

I/O Ports on IP-PBX

Enable activation/deactivation of peripheral devices and various call-handling scenarios The FXS models support I/O ports. The two output ports enable activation/deactivation of peripheral devices by dialing an extension number. A popular example of output port usage...

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PSTN Analog Lines Fail-Over for IP-PBX

PSTN Analog Lines Fail-Over for IP-PBX

Simple PSTN Analog Lines Fail-Over Solution for IP-PBX Suits any Asterisk® based IP-PBX that uses Xorcom’s XPP™ technology P/N XR0128 In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions...

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VoIP Hardware Echo Cancellation

VoIP Hardware Echo Cancellation

  • Hardware Echo Cancellation Reduces Server CPU Load and Enhances Voice Quality
  • Hardware Echo Cancellation Module Increases Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported

Xorcom’s hardware echo cancellation module is an alternative to the OSLEC software echo cancellation solution typically used in Asterisk systems.

P/N = XR0124

Xorcom has designed a hardware echo canceller (HWEC) module for its award-winning Astribank telephony interfaces and Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances*. The module provides a high level of echo cancellation and voice enhancement while reducing the load on the CPU, as compared to OSLEC, the software-based echo cancellation solution provided in the standard Asterisk framework.

Comparison Between Software and Hardware Echo Cancellation

Prior to the development of the hardware echo cancellation module, Xorcom recommended that customers use the OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller) provided as part of the Asterisk operating system. Central Processing Units (CPUs) are so powerful these days that normally the OSLEC has no impact on the IP-PBX operation. However, if the telephony system is used in high-density call environments, and/or where additional applications are involved, such as call centers that need call recording functionality, offloading the echo cancellation processing to a separate hardware module makes sense.

Load Test Results Tell the Story

By reducing the load on the server’s CPU, the number of simultaneous calls that are supported on the telephony system is increased significantly. The echo tail size of the hardware echo cancellation module has been set to 128 taps, and load tests show that the same number of simultaneous calls is achieved as when the software echo cancellation is disabled completely.


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