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The comprehensive call center statistics module available in CompletePBX is great for monitoring activity to improve the efficiency of your organization and employees.

The Call Center Statistics module reports display accurate information for your call center activity in formatted tables and informative charts. Reports can be exported to pdf and csv (Excel) format. There are a myriad of metrics available:

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Abandon Rates
  • Call Distributions
  • Agent Activity
  • and a lot more…
  • Answered
  • Unanswered
  • Distribution
  • Service-level
  • Charting
  • Import/Export
  • Real-time
    • Queue Summary
    • Call Waiting Detail
    • Agent Status
  • Search
    • CallerID
    • Agent
    • Queue
    • Period
    • Duration
  • Customization options
  • more…
  • LC0025 – Pro version add-on for CXE2000
  • LC0027 – Pro version add-on for CXE3000
  • LC0052 – Pro version add-on for CXT3000 “Blue Steel”
  • LC0029 – Pro version add-on for CXT4000 “Blue Steel”
  • LC0026 – Pro version add-on for CTS2000 – TwinStar Plus configuration
  • LC0028 – Pro version add-on for CTS3000 – TwinStar Plus configuration
  • LC0053 – Pro version add-on for CXTS3000 – “Blue Steel” TwinStar Plus configuration
  • LC0030 – Pro version add-on for CXTS4000 – “Blue Steel”TwinStar Plus configuration

For more information about how to get the most out of your CompletePBX phone system see CompletePBX User Manual.

Detailed Description of Features in CompletePBX Call Center Statistics


Description / Detail

Data importData is available by using a cron job to import new data at scheduled intervals
ExportExport reports into PDF format for presentations, or csv format for external data crunching
ReportingAnswered, Unanswered, or Distribution
Distribution ReportingAnalysis by day, week day, or hour
Answered Calls ReportingAnalysis by queue, agent, disconnection cause, or service level
Service LevelReporting Answered Service Level Report
Unanswered Call ReportingAnalysis by queue or disconnection cause
Sundry ReportingAgent Status, Queue Summary, or Call Waiting Detail
ChartingUses HTML5 and Java script, so no need for a flash-enabled browser
Data importData is available as the event occurs, i.e. in real-time
ExportExport reports into PDF format for presentations, or csv format for external data crunching
ReportingService Level Agreement, Abandon Rates, Call Distribution, Agent Activity
Distribution ReportingAnalysis by queue, month, week, day, week day, hour, URL, as well as detailed reporting
Answered Calls ReportingAnalysis by queue, wait time, agent, disconnection cause, duration, transferred calls, as well as a detailed reporting
Service LevelAnswered and Unanswered Service Level Reports
Unanswered Call ReportingAnalysis by queue, disconnection cause, URL, as well as detailed reporting
Sundry ReportingAgent Availability, Sessions and Pause Durations, Call Disposition, as well as Detailed Paused Report and Session Report
ChartingUses HTML5 and Java script, so no need for a flash-enabled browser
SearchSearch data by Caller ID, agent, queue, duration ranges, or date ranges
Report DistributionSchedule automatic email distribution of multiple reports
NotificationsCreate automatic email notifications when variables exceed user-defined threshold values
CustomizationCustomize reports with your own language, color schemes, date and time formatting, metrics, formulas, etc.
Real-Time MonitoringSPY option to listen to calls in progress with option to ‘steal’ the call
Real-Time CoachingCoach agents using whisper method during calls