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IP Phones Compatibility – CompletePBX 5 Endpoint Manager

The CompletePBX Endpoint Manager is the IP PBX phone provisioning tool that offers network scanning, importing of MAC addresses, and adding phones using the PhoneScan app. Currently Supported IP Phones Manufacturer IP Phone Model Aastra 480i, 480i CT, 6730i, 6731i,...

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Recent IP PBX news & updates:

New CompletePBX Release – 5.2.29

Added support for programmable keys in IP phone provisioning, users can now be forced to change their password, as well as security and bug fixes.

New CompletePBX Release – 5.2.28

IP phone provisioning: new phones supported, new export, duplicate and import added for templates. Paging module now supports more extensions, multicast and passwords. DND recorded to CDR and more.

New CompletePBX Release – 5.2.27

In this release: Improved hospitality support, call center reporting, IP phone provisioning usability, security, APIs and Rapid Recovery backup and restore features, as well as bug fixes.