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Twinstar Upgrade CompletePBX V1 or V2

Preparing Xorcom XR1000/2000/3000 & XE2000/3000 CompletePBX V1 or V2 servers for migration to V3 or V4

  • IMPORTANT NOTE ***Only systems under a CURRENT support contract with XorcomUSA will be eligible for this Upgrade!***
  • Please NOTE: This process will take 30 minutes or more to complete. During this time, the PBX will not be able to process calls.
  • Attention: Celeron processor based systems are now supported for this upgrade provided they are under a current support contract.

Prior to having XorcomUSA Technical Support perform this upgrade, it is necessary that you provide a current backup of your PBX using the Xorcom Rapid Recovery tool (https://www.xorcom.com/files/techdocs/xorcomrapidrecoveryuserguide.pdf).

  • Please NOTE: It may become necessary to customize the Rapid Recovery backup to conform to the 4gb (compressed) file size limitation. Instructions on how to do this are below.

How to customize the Xorcom Rapid Recovery (XRR) backup list.

1. Connect the Rapid Recovery USB disk on key to a computer.
2. Create the folder ‘config’ in the root of the disk on key and create the following two files:


3. Customize the exclude.txt if necessary. The exclude.txt contains the file and directory names that should be excluded from backup.

By default the exclude.txt file contains the following:





  • Please NOTE: Every line must start with ./

4. Customize the exclude_dirtree.txt if necessary. The exclude_dirtree.txt contains the names of folders containing files that you wish to exclude from backup but the folder structure will be backed up (as empty directories).

By default the exclude_dirtree.txt file contains the following:










  • Please NOTE: Every line must start with ./

Using your customized XRR, boot the PBX to the XRR and complete the backup process. (For XR1000 systems, you may need to hit the F11 key to boot the system to the USB disk.)
Once you have successfully backed up the system using the XRR, please login to the Web Admin and do a FULL Backup from the Administration GUI. Copy the backup file residing in ‘/var/lib/asterisk/backups’ off of the system.
You may now contact XorcomUSA Technical Support by email at [email protected] or phone at 1-866-XORCOM1 to have the upgrade process completed by a support technician. The folder created from your XRR backup will need to be zipped and copied to our FTP site along with the FULL_backup_xxx.tar.gz file copied from the PBX. Credentials to do this will be provided by a support technician.
Once the upgrade process is completed on a XorcomUSA LAB system, XorcomUSA support staff will provide you with a new base image of the XRR and a GUI backup to be restored to the original PBX. Any 3rd party software and custom scripts that existed on the original PBX will need to be verified along with inbound and outbound calling, queues, MOH, IVR’s, time conditions, etc.