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Tzafrir Cohen Honored as Elastix Project Community Member of the Month

Tzafrir Cohen, Xorcom Senior Software Engineer, Honored by Elastix ProjectOur own senior software engineer, Tzafrir Cohen, has been named “Community Member of the Month” for June 2010 by the Elastix Project. This probably comes as no surprise to those who follow the Elastix bug track system, or the Asterisk lists, or Tzafrir’s own personal Web site, where Tzafrir’s contributions to the Asterisk community are widespread.

We congratulate Tzafrir on receiving this special recognition, which is in line with Xorcom’s policy to actively participate in the worldwide Asterisk development team and cooperate with the main players in this field.

Asked to comment on this latest achievement, Tzafrir remarked:

“I appreciate the recognition, but I guess you should know that I really enjoy the opportunity to trade ideas and collaborate on Asterisk development with leading open source engineers from all over the world.”