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Updating CompletePBX with v.4.00 Installed

Document version: 1.0

This document provides instructions for updating Xorcom CXR1000/2000/3000 and CXE2000/3000/4000 Servers running CompletePBX v.4.00.0 for the latest packages. There is another document that describes the updating procedures for the Twinstar servers (CTS2000/3000/4000.)

Prior to performing the upgrade, it is strongly recommended that you backup your current server using the Xorcom Rapid Recovery tool (https://www.xorcom.com/Rapid-Recovery).

1. Download the version upgrade tool and unpack it:

cd /tmp 
wget http://updates.xorcom.com/servers/tools/cpbx-4-4-upgrade.tar.gz 
tar xzf cpbx-4-4-upgrade.tar.gz 

2. Run the upgrade script:

cd cpbx-4-4-upgrade 

The amount of time required to complete the upgrade process depends on the available Internet bandwidth. It can be quite lengthy. The upgrade log is saved in the upgrade.log file. The run-upgrade script performs the upgrading in several stages. The current stage is saved in the stage file that is created in the same folder where the script is installed.

If the script fails for any reason (e.g., particular YUM repository is temporarily unavailable, etc.) then it is usually safe enough to run the script again. The run-upgrade will resume from the point where it was interrupted.

If the software upgrade has been completed successfully the following message will appear:

*** Upgrade completed successfully.
 Reboot the PBX. 

3. Reboot the server.

That’s it!