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VoIP for Manufacturing

VoIP Case Studies: Manufacturing

Read what Xorcom customers in manufacturing think about our products and partners...

Crossville Inc. – USA

The fact that we got the ability to make our own decisions in the future, and weren’t hamstrung by expensive licensing and support, were what drew me to the Xorcom product.
Dale Sweitzer

Network Administrator, Crossville Inc.

Modernize this ceramic tile manufacturer’s plants and sales offices: replace “End of Life” hardware and restricted functionality with a VoIP solution.
Crossville Inc.
349 Sweeney Drive
Crossville, TN 38555
Tel: 931-484-2110

Dale Sweitzer
Network Administrator
Tel: 931-484-2110

CTS3000 (IP-PBX with TwinStar hot failover) at headquarters with 20 XR0008 (Astribank with 32x FXS ports) and one XR0055 (Astribank with 2x PRI ports)
10x CXR1-12 (IP-PBX with 6x FXO and 2x FXS ports) for the remote locations.
Yealink IP Phones (187x T32G, 26x T38G, 12x W52H, and 26x VP 530)

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

TBC Ball (Beverage Can) – Viet Nam

We made the right decision when investing in a Xorcom PBX system for the plant. The system works perfectly, it is flexible and professional, and the local supplier provides very good consulting services.
Mr. Tu

IT Manager, TBC Ball Viet Nam

The customer’s new factory required a new PBX system to support 80 current employees, and more in the near future
Mr. Tu, IT Manager
TBC-Ball Viet Nam
Tel : +84-650-2221085
NTT Networks – Viet Nam
IP Telephony Solution and Service Center
Tel : +84-8-6255 80 80
JCMEX Trading Sdn Bhd


XE3069 Asterisk IP-PBX with 1x E1, 8x FXO and VoIP trunks with about 80 Grandstream IP Phones and Video Phones, and Polycom Conference phones.

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Huntington Foam – USA/Mexico

The ability to call directly has changed the way we communicate company wide. We collaborate and quickly share information across the various plants far quicker and with greater ease than before. We pick up the phone and dial three numbers to reach any Huntington Foam employee any time.
Gary McLaughlin

President, Huntington Foam

Link four existing PBX in the U.S. with new PBX located in Mexico to provide direct dialing across the corporation (for huge cost savings).
Huntington Foam
Gary McLaughlin, President
Tel: (724) 522-5144

Rob Welts – Unified Alerts

Tel: 800-513-5571

Xorcom XR2047 IP-PBX with E1 R2 port

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.