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VoIP for Healthcare

VoIP Case Studies: Healthcare

Read what Xorcom customers in the healthcare and senior care industries think about our products and partners...

Los Nogales – Spain

The end result of the project has been overwhelmingly positive, in addition to improved technical performance, there was also significant cost reduction.
Oscar Berlanga

CEO, Los Nogales

Provide telephony services for both internal and external communications, in a new facility
Oscar Berlanga, CEO
Los Nogales
Paseo Imperial 26.
28005 Madrid
Tel: 914 280 270
Diego Martín
Nogales I.T.
Tel: 914 280 270
One XR3014 IP-PBX appliance with four BRI ISDN digital ports.

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Redstone Highlands – USA

The Xorcom platform gives us the ability to deploy additional extensions very quickly, saving both time and money over the prior platform.
Mike Graft

IT Manager, Redstone Highlands

For corporate facilities: Get better and cheaper technical support for phone system

For healthcare facilities: Provide phone service with better time and cost efficiencies for the families and residents of the healthcare unit

Redstone Highlands Senior Living Communities
Randy Thornton
Mike Graft, IT Manager

Tel: (724) 832-8400


Rob Welts – Unified Alerts
Tel: 800-513-5571

For corporate facilities: 3x XR2000 and 1x XR1000 IP-PBX;

For healthcare facilities: 2x XR3000 and 5 Astribanks with TwinStar and Complete Concierge for call accounting

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

SAPP Emergencia Móvil – Uruguay

Our company’s internal communication has benefited greatly from the new technology, not only in the cost savings, but also in the smart reuse of the existing resources, such as data connections and PSTN lines.
Ignacio Aguerre

Marketing Manager, SAPP Emergencia Móvil

  • Improve inter-office communication between 15 locations and lower costs
  • Improve the services provided via telephone
  • Use human resources more efficiently
  • Unify all company telephone numbers into one
  • Allow current software applications to interface with the new telephone system
SAPP Emergencia Móvil
Ignacio Aguerre
+598 22921575×608
(formerly DBA Giuffra y Asociados S.R.L.)
Verónica Machado da Silva
Tel: +598 29164300
CommLogik Argentina
Three XR2030 IP-PBX, 12 Linksys gateways, 18 snom IP phones, analog phones, softphones.

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Naperville Pediatric – USA

Our office was moving and our existing phone set up did not meet our business needs. Medlin Communications was able to respond with a telephone system that met our budget as well as our expansion goals.
Dr. Jennifer Manfre

Psychology & Development, Naperville Pediatric

New office requiring affordable solution with upgrade ability.
Naperville Pediatric
Psychology & Development
Dr. Jennifer Manfre
Tel: 630.548.9237

Medlin Communications
Bob Langys
Tel: 630-734-7328

XR1-19 appliance with six SIP extensions and one-way call capability.

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Guru Nanak Ramgharia Sikh Hospital – Kenya

We were looking for a solution that was pocket friendly.

  • A solution that has better features in terms of accountability (.i.e who called who at what times and
    was the call received or dropped)
  • A solution that is easy to manage and navigate a round and at the same time good security features.
Galton Amissi


Change, it didn’t take long before the switchboard team could adapt to the new set up.

The CEO of the organization and the IT manager.

• CXR2000 (55 extensions)
• Fanvil IP Phones

Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.