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VoIP Case Studies: Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunications

Read what Xorcom customers in the IT industry think about our products and partners...

INTRASOFT International S.A. – Romania

Our telephone bill is currently less than half than what we used to pay, due in part to the practically zero cost for talking with other branches via VPNs and Soft-Phones!

Petros Psathopoulos

Delivery Manager Bucharest Branch Technical Manager, INTRASOFT International S.A.

Implement a VoIP-based telephony infrastructure for the relocated office in a new building with time restraints

Petros Psathopoulos
INTRASOFT International S.A.
Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40215285520

Modulo Consulting Gabriel Alexandrescu Tel: +40212321019 www.modulo.roVocalnet Communication

XE2000 PBX Server with 1 x E1 port and Astribank USB Channel Bank with 8 x FXO ports + 8 x FXS ports, CISCO SMB phones Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

FTS Billing Software Solutions – Israel

“FTS IT staff loves the new system as it gives us the flexibility to manage and create new features as needed; the ease of configuring users and extensions is simple and fast.”

Saving money was felt from the first month as we were able use the phones in our branch offices via the LAN free of charge.”

Steve Harder

IT Manager, FTS Billing Software Solutions

Move from a traditional, shared PBX to a dedicated, new PBX with minimal downtime.

FTS Billing Software Solutions
Steve Harder
Tel: +972-9-960-0292

SmartBase Information Technologies
Yuval Yogev
Tel: +972 73-2706000
Marco Telecom


XR3055 with two PRI lines and 100 snom 300 / 320.
Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Correct Group Ltd. – United Kingdom

The Xorcom system provided by Phones Correct is reliable, scalable and easily configurable.

Stephen Shenkin

Head of Service Delivery, Correct Group Ltd.

Change the existing analogue-based Panasonic phone system to a digital system to have more flexibility and diversity.

Correct Group Ltd.
Stephen Shenkin, Head of Service Delivery
Tel: +44 207 372 4106

XR2015 with three BRI ISDN2 connections and 23 snom 320 phones.
Read the full case study here.

Read the full case study here.

Odyssey Systems – United Kingdom

“I have worked with David [Duffett – of Telespeak] many times over the last few years, resolving Integration queries using the Xorcom Asterisk IP-PBX for our Network. They have proven to be a great asset both inreliability (essential for an enterprise system) and the fact that the systems are totally flexible in their configuration for the required solution. David is an absolute marvel. His knowledge of Asterisk is vast andevery query is resolved quickly and professionally, not just a theoretical but a hands on practical approach, which is easy to follow.”

“The quality of support and speed of response to queries is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend David and TeleSpeak when looking for a flexible and adaptive Telecom solution.”

Read more about the Telespeak – Xorcom connection here.

Paul Concannon

Telecoms Engineer, Odyssey Systems