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Business VoIP PBX Phone Systems for Financial Institutions, Banks and Retail Chains

Simplified communication management of converged voice and data for multi-branch operations

VoIP PBX Phone System for Business: Financial, Banking & Retail Chains

Banks, financial services and institutions, retail chains and outlets, vehicle dealerships are all characterized by a mix of operations that include new and existing customers along with a variety of service functions. Increased product offerings and a growing networked locations create more complex operations and introduce new management challenges.

Easy to Use and Cost Saving VoIP PBX Systems

Unlike proprietary systems, CompletePBX eliminates the need for layers of support and per extension license and maintenance fees. CompletePBX simplifies communications management and reduces costs by converging voice and data services over a single channel.

VoIP Benefits for Business: Banking, Finance and Retail

  • Customized inbound call routing for fast and efficient call processing
  • Full integration with existing or new external paging systems
  • Cell phone and smartphone integration
  • Interconnection of various branches to provides desk-to-desk dialing and seamless call transfer between locations
  • Extensive call reporting
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Integrated call accounting software
  • Voicemail and fax-to-email (unified messaging)
  • Redundancy through Xorcom’s TwinStar Plus hot failover capability to maximize business continuity

VoIP PBX Phone System for Business: User Review

Alejandro De La Cruz, Empresas Gasso Gasso S.A.

Alejandro De La Cruz, Empresas Gasso Gasso S.A.

As per Alejandro De La Cruz, Empresas Gasso Gasso S.A.:

“Our company has greatly benefited from the Xorcom technology in terms of the costs savings and the resource optimization…”

Read the full case study here.


Additional Information about this Business VoIP PBX Phone System

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