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Phone System for Loan Agency- Nicaragua

Integrator - EBD Nicaragua S.A. & EBD Panama S.A.


Instacredit is a loan agency that started in Costa Rica, and has subsequently built a strong presence in Nicaragua with an initial foothold in Panama. Their business model requires a high level of efficiency and, to that end, they invest in cutting-edge technologies. Thus, for example, when they decided seven years ago to purchase a PBX for their Costa Rica and Nicaragua operations, they chose the leading vendor at the time, Tricom. About two years ago, when they decided to replace the PBX in Costa Rica, they chose an Asterisk-based system and built out a standardized telephony solution based on Dell servers, Aastra phones and Sangoma cards.

Xorcom Distributor:
e-Buisness Distribution

System Integrator:
GND de Costa Rica

Main Challenge

A scalable, modular, secure, reliable Asterisk-based telephony solution that can meet the present and future needs of a growing regional financial institution

In their search for a system integrator in Nicaragua that could build out the same Asterisk-based telephony system that they had implemented in Costa Rica, Instacredit made contact with EBD’s Nicaragua office.

The key requirements for the project were:

  • An Asterisk-based system around which they could standardize their telephony installations throughout the region
  • High levels of security and reliability
  • Scalability, to keep up both with the growth of individual branches as well as the company’s growth throughout the region
  • Excellent customer service

Xorcom Solution

Although Instacredit had already purchased a Dell server in anticipation of expanding its telephony system to Nicaragua, EBD convinced them to adopt Xorcom’s solutions due to their modularity, scalability and reliability. In three stages that began with the three main branches in Nicaragua in 2013 followed by two additional deployments in 2014, the following systems were installed in nine Instacredit branches in Nicaragua:

XE3078202 E1, 08 FXO, 08 FXS
XE3072401 E1, 08 FXO, 08 FXS
XE3070101 E1, 16 FXO
XE3069201 E1, 08 FXO

Following the successful deployments in Nicaragua, in 2014 Instacredit installed the following Xorcom servers in Costa Rica and Panama. It should be noted that in Costa Rica, EBD worked together with the local Xorcom distributor GND in Costa Rica:

XE3079102 E1, 08 FXO, 08 FX
CXT3081104 E1, 08 FXO
CXT3075102E1, 08 FXO
XE3070101 E1, 16 FXO
XE3069101 E1, 08 FXO


As a result of Instacredit’s complete satisfaction with the Xorcom solutions and with EBD’s level of service, during 2015 nine additional XE3000 servers will be installed in Nicaragua; two XE3000 and two CXT3000 servers will be installed in Costa Rica; and one XE3000 server will be installed in Panama.


EBD was successful in convincing Instacredit to abandon their existing “do-it-yourself” Asterisk-based telephony architecture in favor of Xorcom pre-assembled solutions for the following main reasons:

  • Xorcom’s clear value propositions of modularity, scalability and reliability
  • EBD’s high level of service and expertise
  • EBD’s ability to provide add-ons such as Sofphones;, AstriBox, which provides easy access to the recordings made in the PBX; enhanced security features and more
  • EBD’s ability to convince the telephone vendor, Yealink, to add a special patch (now available on all Yealink phones) to support Instacredit’s request for phone-based directories.