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VoIP System for Banking - Côte d’Ivoire, Africa

Integrator - HyperAccess Systems
“We wanted to have several applications in same platform (call recording server, fax server) without separate devices dedicated for each feature. Xorcom’s clear focus on a fast back-up recovery system immediately stood out as a desired component in our strategy for security. Naturally, free calling between branch offices was an attractive feature and the whole system proved easy to manage with responsive and available support at hand.”
Namble Sekongo,

Systems engineer, HyperAccess

HyperAccess Systems
Côte d’Ivoire

Main Challenge
To have a VoIP infrastructure with an all-in-one solution that supports a fax server, call recording server, video conference platform and unified communication

Xorcom Solution At headquarters, a Xorcom IP-PBX based on the XE3000 series and 120 Xorcom XP120P IP phones. For the eight branch offices, Xorcom’s XR1000 IPPBX, Xorcom’s XP100P IP phones and Yealink’s VP530 IP phone.

VoIP System for the Bank

HyperAccessXorcom partner HyperAccess was approached by a private commercial bank. As an efficiency measure, along with the desire for cost-effective communications, bank management wanted to move to a VoIP platform with all-in-one solution for video conferencing, faxing, call recording and free inter-branch communication.

Customer Voice Communications Requirements

In the tender, the Bank stipulated the following requirements:

  • A single platform for applications such as call recording and faxing, without separate devices dedicated to each, and no per user license fees
  • Integration of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to their IP-PBX and connection with their existing Alcatel PBX
  • A fast backup recovery system
  • Free calls between branch offices with redundancy architecture
  • Support for SIP non-proprietary protocol
  • Easy to manage, with local technical support

Proposed VoIP Solution

On winning the tender (challenged by Alcatel, Cisco, Siemens, Matra and Nortel) HyperAccess installed the Xorcom IP-PBX (based on the XE3000 series) and 120 Xorcom XP0120P IP phones.

In each of the eight branch offices, all Alcatel OXO systems were replaced with Xorcom’s XR1000 IP-PBX, along with Xorcom’s XP0100P IP phones and Yealink’s VP530 IP phone.
HyperAccess made the interconnection between all the Xorcom IP PBX via the IAX trunk with star architecture where all XR1000 connect to the Xorcom IP-PBX at headquarters.


Here is the network configuration prior to the introduction of the Xorcom products:


Here is the network configuration after implementing the Xorcom solution. Notice how the existing Alcatel PBX has been integrated in to the network, which now supports VoIP, SIP phones, video conferencing, faxing and call recording: