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VoIP System for Multibranch - Romania

INTRASOFT International S.A. (IT)
Intrasoft International“As we speak, the system has 314 days uptime without noticing any problem during this period. In between, we were able to introduce new extensions, change the data for already configured extensions and do other reconfigurations that were considered necessary, on the fly (with no system reboot).” “Our telephone bill is currently less than half than what we used to pay. This of course is also related to the utilization of the new dedicated E1 line, which is more cost-effective than the previous solution, but also due to the practically zero cost for talking with other branches via VPNs and Soft-Phones.” “Mobile telephony costs have also been reduced as a result of the usage of Soft-Phones while on business trips.” “We are fully satisfied with the Xorcom solution selected. The integrator has also done a great job on implementing the initial requirements but also on training us to use the system for day-to-day tasks.”
Petros Psathopoulos

Delivery Manager Bucharest Branch Technical Manager, INTRASOFT International S.A. (IT) – Romania

Xorcom Certified

Modulo Consulting

Xorcom Certified


Main Challenge Implement a VoIP-based telephony infrastructure for the relocated office in a new building with time restraints
Xorcom Solution XE2000 PBX Server with 1 x E1 port and Astribank USB Channel Bank with 8 x FXO ports + 8 x FXS ports, CISCO SMB phones

VoIP System Installation in Romania – Overview

INTRASOFT International S.A. was relocating an office in a new building, and wanted to use the occasion to implement a VoIP-based telephony infrastructure consisting of a main PBX and office phones. The challenge was to provide a solution in the short delivery time available, in synchronization with the client relocation plan. The existing solution was based on a proprietary analog/digital telephony platform. Using typical telephony features on these analog phones (such as call forwarding, teleconference, redialing, etc.), was a cumbersome task, and very few employees were actually using such features (awkward key combinations were needed to perform the simplest functions). Conference calls were almost impossible to organize, and when they were organized, the voice quality of the conference was very poor. In addition, the previous solution was based on a licensing scheme per extension, resulting in additional costs for each new extension added to the system.

Customer Voice Communications Requirements

  • Basic PBX configuration
  • Define Outbound Routes
  • Define Inbound Routes
  • Conferences
  • Music on hold
  • Over 50 Extensions
  • Queues
  • Ring Groups
  • Pick Up Groups
  • Voice mail (VM) to electronic mail
  • Specific routes to call transparently extensions in other branches located abroad (ex: Athens)
  • Possibility to increase the number of extensions with no additional fees
  • Proposed Solution


XE2000 PBX Server with:

  • 1 x E1 port

Astribank USB Channel Bank with:

  • 8 x FXO ports
  • 8 x FXS ports
  • CISCO SMB phones

Modulo Consulting, the integrator, performed both solution design and equipment configuration (solution delivery).


intrasoft-equipment-rackThe implemented solution is currently fully functional and meets specific functionality requests from customer. The new solution offered several advantages, namely:

  • Lower installation cost (hardware + installation /configuration) as opposed to proprietary solutions
  • Lower maintenance cost (there was practically no system maintenance required during the entire year that the system has been functioning)
  • VoIP advantages, such as calling to internal extensions using Soft-Phones via VPN when located at the client premises, have drastically reduced the usage of the mobile phones under roaming conditions. The flexibility that the Soft-Phone solution provides was one of the first things that was utilized.
  • The ability to organize (and propose to organize for our clients) conference calls by using the out-of-the-box teleconferencing functionality of the new solution.
  • Voice-mail!
  • Overall quality of service has been dramatically improved
  • People are more likely to pick up a phone and talk to their colleagues on the other side of Balkans, resulting in reduced problem solving time.