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Xorcom CEO Quoted in Industry Article on VoIP Adoption by PSTN Users

Eran Gal, CEO and co-founder of Xorcom, was recently interviewed for an article published by SoftwareAdvice. The article, entitled “PSTN User Perspectives on IP Communications IndustryView | 2014” researched the VoIP adoption behavior of PSTN users. Below you’ll find the reason that the author sought out Xorcom as an expert on this topic, as well as a link to the SlideShare for more information.

For this article, we wanted to feature VoIP solutions that would appeal to PSTN subscribers who haven’t yet transitioned to IP communications. Our survey determined that PSTN subscribers prioritize reliability of service and believe that the PSTN has a future as a backup or “failover” mechanism in IP networking. Thus we contacted Xorcom, since Xorcom’s IP PBXs offer a wealth of different PSTN connectivity options (analog, BRI/PRI etc.). Such solutions are appropriate for users transitioning from TDM to SIP trunking who still want a backup connection to the PSTN in order to survive Internet outages. Moreover, Xorcom’s disaster recovery software also helps to ensure the reliability of VoIP service by enabling businesses to backup the configuration settings for Xorcom appliances in case appliances need to be reconfigured on the fly. The flexibility and resiliency of Xorcom’s appliances make them great fits for PSTN users who want to ensure that the phones keep running in both natural disasters and network disasters.– Daniel Harris, VoIP and telecom researcher at Software Advice