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Xorcom VoIP PBX Customer Reviews

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CompletePBX 5.0.76 – PBX Software Updates

Improved Conference Calls Recording Conference call recording now records the conference call independently of the participants’ channels.  In previous versions setting Record to Yes in Conferences would result in recording the channels of the individual participants.  While channel recording will still take place without change, now setting Record to Yes will also result in an independent...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.20

New Apps in MT Manager This version introduces the StatsExplorer App for call center statistics reporting with its extension – Wallboards, for real-time performance monitoring.Both apps are activated via the App dialogue.The Wallboards app can only be activated on systems that have StatsExplorer activated. The new apps are activated under Edit Tenant -> Apps: StatsExplorer – PBX...

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CompletePBX VNF Configuration with Cloud-init

CompletePBX VM/VNF now supports provisioning using the cloud-init service. In such setup, cloud-init is responsible for the individual instance initial setup, based on the specific service provider requirements, determining things such as disk space, licensing, etc. Cloud-init technology is used by many orchestration systems and cloud service providers, such as OpenStack, Ubuntu, AWS,...

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New Firmware for Xorcom UC Series IP Phones

New firmware versions are available for the Xorcom UC series IP phones, including bug fixes and improvements. The latest firmware is available for download here: UC902: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC902/fw900M.rom UC912G: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC912G/fw900M.rom UC924: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC924/fw920M.rom...

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CompletePBX 5.0.75 – PBX Software Updates

Note: This update contains DAHDI drivers updates that require additional steps to be taken during the upgrade. Please read through before performing the update. The DAHDI update is not relevant for pure VoIP systems. FXS Hotline It is now possible to set up a hotline for any FXS extension. When hotline is active, the extension will automatically call a preset number in case the user of that...

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CompletePBX 5.0.74 – PBX Software Updates

Random Caller ID for Outbound Calls (Call Center) It is now possible to randomize the caller ID of outbound calls. This is usefull for outbound call centers and other services that want to avoid being blocked or ignored. To set this feature: Prepare a list of caller ID numbers to be used by the outbound route.  Make sure you use caller ID numbers that are allowed to be used with your trunk by...

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CompletePBX 5.0.73 – PBX Software Updates

Bug FixesIt was not possible to set PM time in System Settings.  Fixed.  Now a 24-hour clock is available in the widget.It was not possible to add certain patterns in Dialing Restriction Rules (PBX -> Class of Service – Dialing Restriction Rules).  Fixed.In certain configurations, when incoming calls are hung-up by the caller before the callee picks up, the call is routed to a catch-all...

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Supervision Switchboard for PBX Tenants

Supervision Switchboard is now available for MT Manager multi-tenant PBX platform (starting MT Manager version 1.0.19).The Supervision Switchboard allows real-time monitoring of calls, agents, queues, parked calls and more, as well as conference call management, phonebooks, direct calling, controlling extension diversions and more.In addition, the Supervision Switchboard offers internal chat...

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CompletePBX 5.0.72 – PBX Software Updates

Supervision Switchboard Support  Supervision Switchboard is now supported in CompletePBX under MT Manager multi-tenant PBX platform. When installed, the Supervision Switchboard will appear in the administration and user-portal menus. Single-sign-on – using Application Access in CompletePBX GUI, the administrator sets which users may access the Supervision Switchboard.  The selected users...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.19

Supervision Switchboard Available for PBX Tenants Supervision Switchboard now available for PBX tenants as a App (Edit Tenant -> Apps) Once activating and saving, the tenant will update and install the Supervision Switchboard.  This will be indicated by an icon in the Tenants view: Once allowed access by the admin, the tenant-PBX user will be able to use the Supervision Switchboard for...

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CompletePBX 5.0.71 – PBX Software Updates

Improvements It is now possible to change the range of RTP ports.  This is configured in Settings -> PBX Settings -> System General -> General -> RTP Settings You can now set the system to include SIP DIVERSION header field in the INVITE request, which is required by some SIP providers in order to keep the original called-ID when forwarding a call via a trunk.  For example, if A...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.18

Bulk-Upgrade of Tenant PBX Bulk software upgrade for Tenant PBXs is now available via the MT Manager GUI. To upgrade one or more systems select the systems using the checkbox and then click the Upgrade icon.   Cancel Pending Actions on Tenant PBXs When performing an upgrade to more than one system, it is now possible to cancel this action from being performed to all systems in the queue. The...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.17

SIP Trunk Compatibility Improvements It is now possible to use the IP ports to authenticate the tenant, in addition to the previously available options of IP address and fully-qualified domain name (FQDN). Improvements in topology hiding in SIP messaging (security)  Additional MT Manager Multi Tenant PBX Improvements SIP trace can now be recorded and downloaded directly from the MT Manager GUI....

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CompletePBX 5.0.70 – PBX Software Updates

Improvements Queue failover destination can no longer be set to itself (to the same queue) when “join empty” is disabled, so that the PBX administrator will not accidentally create a setting that causes an infinite loop. User profile can no longer be deleted when there are users to which it is assigned.  The previous behavior was to delete those users when deleting the profile.  Now...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.16

Security Improvements Web access whitelist for the MT Manager administration It is now possible to define a whitelist of IP addresses.  Web access to the MT Manager will only be allowed from those IP addresses. All other addresses will be blocked. Leaving the whitelist empty will allow the system to be accessed from any IP address. It is highly recommended to always set the whitelist and not...

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CompletePBX 5.0.69 – PBX Software Updates

Vtech IP Phones – New Models Supported New Vtech IP phone models added to Endpoint Manager: Vtech VCS754 – Conference room IP phone Vtech VCS752 – Conference room IP phone Vtech CTM-S341 – Hospitality IP phone Grandstream IP Phones – New Models Supported New Grandstream IP phone models added to Endpoint Manager: Grandstream GXV3370 – Video IP phone...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.14

Bulk ActionsThis update introduces Bulk Actions to the MT Manager.Using Bulk Actions you can select to apply an action on more than one tenants.When selecting one or more tenants, the top bar will show available actions to perform on the selected tenants.The currently available actions are Start and Stop tenant.When applying the actions to more than one tenant, the MT Manager will queue the...

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CompletePBX 5.0.68 – Improvements & Bug Fixes

Drop Unrecognized calls This new feature allows the PBX to drop calls made to unrecognized DIDs, without answering the call and playing a message.  This was the sender can know the call failed. There is no change in the default CompletePBX behavior, but this behavior can now be changed in   NTP Server Option Disabled for Multi-Tenant Application Starting this version the NTP Server option is set...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.12

Strong Password Enforcement A strong password enforcement policy is now applied to all MT Manager login passwords (admin & reseller). When entering a password the user now gets a colored bar at the bottom of the field indicating the password strength (red – weak, yellow – medium, green – strong).  Only strong passwords are allowed Tenant PBX & Reseller Usage Reports A...

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CompletePBX 5.0.67 – User Portal & Multi-Tenant Improvments

PBX Portal Users Setup Automation and Self Management Automated sending of login credentials to new portal users:  In order to streamline the setup of new users, the system now allows automatic sending of PBX User Portal credentials directly to the user upon setup. This feature is set to “No” by default and has to be activated by the admin at:  Settings -> PBX Settings ->...

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Xorcom Appliances Go SSD

Starting the month of April 2019 all Xorcom CompletePBX appliances of series CXR2000 and up are going to be equipped with SSD (Solid State Drives) rather than the currently-used enterprise-grade HDD. The change will significantly increase read and write speed, which means significant performance increase in some scenarios, especially for heavy-duty systems, TwinStar and call centers. This change...

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CompletePBX 5.0.66 – Important Privacy Fix

Important Call Recording Fix This version fixes a potential call recording issue introduced in version 5.0.65 Users that never upgraded to version 5.0.65 will not be affected For systems that are updated to version 5.0.65 it is highly recommended to upgrade to version 5.0.66 or higher as soon as possible Mitel PMS Protocol – PBX Interface Room Status Improvements in the Complete Concierge...

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Telecommunications – Odyssey Systems (United Kingdom)

“The quality of support and speed of response to queries is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend David and TeleSpeak when looking for a flexible and adaptive Telecom solution.”


Hospitality – The Springs Resort & Spa (USA)

“We chose Xorcom because the hospitality-focused features of Complete Concierge, the Astribank hardware, and the PMS integration met our requirements perfectly — at half the cost of some of the competing bids.”


Education – El Dorado Schools (USA)

“With Xorcom, we didn’t have to change our network switches, we were able to fully implement the proper VoIP design on the existing infrastructure.”


Manufacturing – Crossville (USA)

“The fact that we got the ability to make our own decisions in the future, and weren’t hamstrung by expensive licensing and support, were what drew me to the Xorcom product.”


Hospitality – Hotel Jerome (USA)

“The Xorcom solution allows us to get what we need, and then later expand, without having additional burdens such as license restrictions.”


IT – Correct Group (United Kingdom)

“The Xorcom system is a reliable, scalable and easily configurable voice solution.”


Hospitality – Hotel Paradies (Switzerland)

“We were surprised how quickly the installation process went… we were able to use the new systems without problems on the afternoon of the first day.”


Senior Care – Redstone Highlands (USA)

“The Xorcom platform gives us the ability to deploy additional extensions very quickly, saving both time and money over the prior platform.”


Hospitality – Filitheyo Resort (Maldives)

“Xorcom made our IP Telephony transition very smooth. The new IP telephony system gives more personalized treatment to our guests, facilitates better service opportunities to our staff, and provides better control to the technical team.”


Government – RUAT (Bolivia)

“The Xorcom high availability solution provides reassurance about our communications system uptime.”


Real Estate – Shriram Properties (India)

“The Xorcom solution saves costs and improves employee productivity. It is the best phone system we ever experienced.”