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Xorcom VoIP PBX Customer Reviews

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IP Phones Compatibility – CompletePBX 5 Endpoint Manager

The CompletePBX Endpoint Manager is the CompletePBX IP phone provisioning tool that offers network scanning, importing of MAC addresses and adding phones using the PhoneScan app.     Currently Supported Phones   Manufacturer Model Aastra 480i, 480i CT, 6730i, 6731i, 6735i, 6737i, 6739i, 6751i, 6751i RP, 6753i, 6753i RP, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT, 6757i CT RP, 6863i, 6865i, 6867i,...

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Htek & Xorcom Announce UC900 Interoperability with CPBX

Nanjing,China, July26, 2018 – Htek, the global provider of enterprise class IP handsets, and Xorcom, designer and manufacturer of IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phones systems since 2004 ,announced today that the successful completion of interoperability testing and auto-provisioning integration between Htek’s UC900 series IP phones and Xorcom CompletePBX . This successful interoperability...

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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface Available on CPBX5

  CompletePBX VM Now Supports VMware ESXi 5.5 Previously the image for download supported only newer VMware ESXi versions.  Now the image available for download also supports the older VMware ESXi 5.5 version. It is now possible to create a full virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on VMware ESXi 5.5....

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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface Available on CPBX5

Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface on CompletePBX 5 – Now Available Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface beta now available for CompletePBX 5 phone systems. Unlike previous Complete Concierge versions, in the CompletePBX 5 implementation, there is no longer a need for an external Windows configurator application.  Complete Concierge is fully integrated into Complete PBX GUI to...

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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface on CPBX5 – Beta Now Available

Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface on CompletePBX 5 – Beta Now Available Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface beta now available for CompletePBX 5 phone systems. Unlike previous Complete Concierge versions, in the CompletePBX 5 implementation, there is no longer a need for an external Windows configurator application.  Complete Concierge is fully integrated into Complete PBX GUI to...

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Call Cabinet & Xorcom Announce Strategic Partnership

Xorcom unlocks superior call recording functionality with integration of CallCabinet’s Atmos to its CompletePBX BOCA RATON, FL., Misgav, Israel – December 12, 2017 –  Xorcom Ltd. and CallCabinet Corporation are pleased to announce that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to provide customers unlimited secure cloud call recording for their CompletePBX phone systems. The...

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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface Certified with JDS Winpac

JDS Winpac PMS Compatibility Xorcom CompletePBX with Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface has successfully completed compatibility tests with JDS Winpac hotel PMS. The tests have checked the full functionality of JDS Winpac PBX interface features including: Guest check-in Guest check-out Change room phone class of service based on room occupancy Enable/disable DND from PMS Wake-up call...

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IVR (Interactive Voice Response) & Auto-Attendant in VoIP Systems

IVR Software in VoIP Systems IVR (Interactive Voice Response) vs Auto-Attendant in VoIP Systems, differences and commonalities between IVR and Auto-Attendant explained IVR Software (Interactive Voice Response) and Auto-Attendant Explained IVR Software (Interactive Voice Response), or auto-attendant in VoIP (Voice Over IP) Systems, can be as simple as a single menu (e.g. “press 1 for Sales,...

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Installing Virtual PBX in Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Installing Virtual PBX in KVM environment Installing CompletePBX 5 in Kernel-based Virtual Machine Download CPBX5 VM for ESXi: http://updates.xorcom.com/ Unpack the downloaded zip file Convert the VMWare vmdk file to qcow2: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 disk-0.vmdk disk-0.qcow2 Create a new VM in the Virtual Machine Manager: Select the qcow2...

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Small Business PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Phone Systems

Small Business IP PBX Phone Systems Small-business IP PBX (private branch exchange) can offer features and capabilities of big business phone systems in a fraction of the cost. Compare and choose VoIP PBX system for your small business. Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Systems Small Business IP PBX Get Small Business PBX System Quote 1-866-967-2661 Call us toll-free (US) Xorcom Business Phone Systems...

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Xorcom CompletePBX Separates from Ombutel

After two and a half years that Xorcom has been one of the driving forces behind the successful Ombutel project, today we are announcing we are parting ways with Ombutel.   The project was initially created by Telesoft and Xorcom and the two companies worked on it together for that entire time, bringing into the world a flexible, secure and friendly phone system software. Ombutel also...

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VoIP VNF - PBX as a Virtual Network Function under NFV Running VoIP Phone System as VNF under NFV Environment Become VNF Technology Partner Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Products VNF IP PBX NFV Architecture Explained NFV – Network Function Virtualization – is an architecture which aims at replacing various hardware network components in the enterprise environment by using managed virtual...

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Xorcom to Join RAD’s D-NFV Alliance

After intensive tests, RAD recently announced adding Xorcom its D-NFV Alliance. As a member of the D-NFV alliance, Xorcom’s CompletePBX VoIP phones system is being offered as a VNF (Virtual Network Function) to RAD’s NFV customers. RAD’s Distributed NFV (D-NFV) Alliance is an ecosystem of application developers and virtual function vendors addressing the enterprise market, as...

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Call Center IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Phone System

IP PBX for Call Centers - Xorcom Phone Systems Phone System for Contact Centers, Virtual Call Centers Software, IVR Get a Quote Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Systems Call Center IP PBX CompletePBX Call Center PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Xorcom CompletePBX Call Center PBX will help you optimize the time and skills of your staff and provide better customer experience without breaking your budget. Enjoy...

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Yealink & Xorcom Announce Enhancing Interoperability

Xiamen, China, and Misgav, Israel May 11, 2017 – Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, and Xorcom a leading provider of PBX appliance and virtual PBX systems announced improved support for Yealink IP phones in Xorcom’s CompletePBX IP PBX product line.  CompletePBX now supports provisioning for Yealink T4S series phones including the T41S,...

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Telecommunications – Odyssey Systems (United Kingdom)

“The quality of support and speed of response to queries is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend David and TeleSpeak when looking for a flexible and adaptive Telecom solution.”


Hospitality – The Springs Resort & Spa (USA)

“We chose Xorcom because the hospitality-focused features of Complete Concierge, the Astribank hardware, and the PMS integration met our requirements perfectly — at half the cost of some of the competing bids.”


Education – El Dorado Schools (USA)

“With Xorcom, we didn’t have to change our network switches, we were able to fully implement the proper VoIP design on the existing infrastructure.”


Manufacturing – Crossville (USA)

“The fact that we got the ability to make our own decisions in the future, and weren’t hamstrung by expensive licensing and support, were what drew me to the Xorcom product.”


Hospitality – Hotel Jerome (USA)

“The Xorcom solution allows us to get what we need, and then later expand, without having additional burdens such as license restrictions.”


IT – Correct Group (United Kingdom)

“The Xorcom system is a reliable, scalable and easily configurable voice solution.”


Hospitality – Hotel Paradies (Switzerland)

“We were surprised how quickly the installation process went… we were able to use the new systems without problems on the afternoon of the first day.”


Senior Care – Redstone Highlands (USA)

“The Xorcom platform gives us the ability to deploy additional extensions very quickly, saving both time and money over the prior platform.”


Hospitality – Filitheyo Resort (Maldives)

“Xorcom made our IP Telephony transition very smooth. The new IP telephony system gives more personalized treatment to our guests, facilitates better service opportunities to our staff, and provides better control to the technical team.”


Government – RUAT (Bolivia)

“The Xorcom high availability solution provides reassurance about our communications system uptime.”


Real Estate – Shriram Properties (India)

“The Xorcom solution saves costs and improves employee productivity. It is the best phone system we ever experienced.”