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CompletePBX 5.1.13 – PBX Software Updates

Sep 13, 2020 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Improvements in the PBX Supervision Switchboard, StatsExplorer call statistics, security improvements for CloudPhone mobile PBX extension app, and additional system improvements and bug fixes.

Note:  This update requires a system reboot to complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE! When upgrading from version 5.0.59 or older, follow the following procedure (click to expand)
If you are upgrading a Spark system, you may ignore the special instructions.
For any other system of version 5.0.59 or lower please perform the following steps:

1. run
yum install xorcom-centos-release

2.  run
yum update

This will ensure the system will be updated from the correct repositories.

CloudPhone – Mobile Softphone App Improvements

  • CloudPhone now supports TCP/TLS protocols. It is now possible to configure CloudPhone to UDP, TCP, or TLS.  
    • Note: The feature is not currently supported under MT Manager (multi-tenant) environment.
  • Outbound proxy support was added to CloudPhone. The proxy is configured in Settings -> Technology Settings -> Profiles -> [CloudPhone Profile]. Outbound Proxy

Mobile SoftPhone Provisionoing - External Proxy

Supervision PBX Switchboard

  • Supervision now supports Mobile and Custom device type
  • Localization was added to Supervision Companion, which allows click-to-dial directly from Windows.
  • Terminology clarified
  • Reduced Phonebook loading time
  • Private phonebook – it is now possible to manage a private phonebook in the Supervision switchboard, in which the users can create contact people for their personal use, without sharing them with others. This feature may be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Private Phonebook in PBX Switchboard

StatsExplorer – PBX Call Statistics

  • Call recordings can now be played and downloaded directly from the StatsExplorer Calls Report.
  • DID Description added to reports
  • Detailed sessions and pause times – this new report shows all login, logout, pause and unpause events per agent.


  • It is now possible to filter the values for all parameters when creating a filter. It is now available for Call Type, Extensions, DID Number, Account Code, Trunks, Queues, and Agents. Check all and Uncheck all will work on the filtered list:

PBX Statistics - Filter Parameters

  • It is now possible to see call transfer indication in the Queue Call table.

PBX System Improvements

  • Hebrew support in CompletePBX descriptions
  • A new Task Manager task is now available for the deletion of old CDR and CEL records. Parameters and run times can be set in the Task Manager. The advantages of trimming down the old CDR and CEL records are:
    • faster database operations
    • smaller backup file size
    • better control over disk-space
  • Backup path – backup path under Backup and Restore is no longer fixed to a specific folder. The system administrator may set a path different than the default one.

Operating System

  • CentOS updated to v. 7.8.2003
  • Asterisk updated to v. 13.34.0-4

Bug Fixes

  • Incoming calls failed in some settings that included SIP guest enabled.
  • CompletePBX and Complete Concierge installations failed.
  • GUI error when the queue has a very large number of agents (hundreds).
  • SIP peer remains unknown after a network outage. 
  • Supervision – search contact on Conference was missing data
  • Trunk -> Advanced parameters – applied incorrectly.
  • FOP2 hot-desk extensions functionality issues.
  •  IAX queue agent did not receive calls due to wrong status
  • It was not possible to add a VLAN interface from the CompletePBX GUI
  • Call duration not displayed in Supervision.