Download Software PBX – CompletePBX 5, fully functional free virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange), with up to 3 extensions, available for download.

Free Virtual PBX - CompletePBX

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CompletePBX 5 evaluation system is a fully functional and free software PBX virtual machine. By running the virtual machine you will get access to all the built-in features of CompletePBX 5 software PBX.  The CompletePBX 5 evaluation virtual machine is limited to three extensions.

The evaluation system may be later on upgraded to any number of users by applying a proper license that may be purchased from Xorcom’s distribution channel.

Download and install a free CompletePBX virtual machine – full software PBX.  This video will take you step by step from downloading the system to have it up and running.
Check out our FREE online certification training course that will take you step by step through all the basics of CompletePBX system.  Save a lot of time and effort by trying to go at it alone.  Let us help you get there faster.
Planning a virtual PBX installation?  Click here to see hardware requirements based on the number of extensions and concurrent calls you will need.
See the full list of available features for the CompletePBX system.  
Xorcom PBX appliance product line offers complete integrated hardware & software solutions.  The software is identical to the freely available virtual machine.  If you are interested in buying a Xorcom PBX appliance, you can check out the functionality on a virtual machine.  See Xorcom’s full product line.
We evolve quickly!  To keep up with the latest changes see our CompletePBX Change log.  We recommend that the system will always be up to date.