Multi-tenant PBX

Cloud platform by Xorcom

For hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) providers & multi-branch enterprise

  • Run a complete hosted PBX platform 
  • Manage multiple CompletePBX instances
  • Create and manage resellers 
  • Optimized resource consumption
  • Multi-tenant PBX easy to start, simple to manage

Multi-tenant PBX is a Cloud platform for:

Multi-tenant PBX for service providers:

  • MSPs (Managed VoIP Phone Service Providers)
  • Carriers
  • Hosted PBX service providers
  • Multi-branch enterprise

Multi-tenant PBX for end users:

  • Business users from SOHO to enterprise (via service providers)
  • Large enterprise managing multiple divisions/branches
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Motels)

Multi Tenant PBX
Platform Advantages

  • Multi-tenant PBX platform fast and simple to set up
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Easy to use – no long training required
  • Scalable multi-tenant PBX
  • Pay per use
  • One-click apps enhance capabilities
  • Provide office, call center, and hotel phone systems from a single multi-tenant PBX platform
  • Minimal maintenance

Multi Tenant PBX Software Apps

Additional applications for MT Manager – Xorcom CompletePBX phone systems support a range of Apps to enhance the system and provide solutions for specific use cases. Whether you are using a Xorcom PBX appliance, virtual PBX machine or a PBX tenant on a multi-tenant phone system, Xorcom CompletePBX apps can extend the limits of your phone system to new places.

End-User Advantages

  • Modern telephony
  • Simple set up & maintenance (no need of in-house IT expert)
  • Get multiple services
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase the availability of your team
  • Virtual numbers (geographical presence)
  • Home office / remote extensions / teleworking (mobility)
  • Get enterprise level phone system
  • Easy to use, easy to admin
  • Centralized service for multi-branch enterprise
  • No equipment investment (for the end user)​
  • No CAPEX​
  • Simple set up & maintenance (no need of in-house IT expert)​
  • Convenient​
  • Affordable​
  • 24/7 remote access​
  • No additional maintenance fees​
  • No hardware responsibility

Hosting Options:



On Premise or Cloud VoIP PBX

Xorcom Hosted PBX Advantages for Service Providers:

  • Multi-tenant PBX architecture
  • Easy setup & short setup time – start operating quickly
  • Simple operations – no long training period
  • No licensing purchases – postpaid per user amount
  • Minimal initial investment
  • Host wherever you want or get it on Xorcom Cloud
  • Scalability
  • All updates and upgrades included in the monthly cost
  • Resource-efficient
  • Professional distribution channel and local support

How does Multi-Tenant PBX work?

  • Multiple tenants per server
  • Add and remove tenants on the fly
  • Change resource allocations
  • Change storage allocations
  • Manage each tenant easily
How Cloud PBX Works
  • Full features IP PBX​
  • Simple to manage & powerful user interface​
  • Hot-desking​
  • High-Availability​
  • Multiple extensions per user​
  • Switchboard​
  • Smart IP phone provisioning tools ​
  • Compatible with any standard SIP phone
  • Multiple-device extension​
  • Paging​
  • Music on hold​
  • Boss – Secretary​
  • Call Recording​
  • Personal IVR​
  • Hot-Desking​
  • Switchboard​
  • Company directory
  • Fully featured extension
  • Call diversion, forwarding, transfer, parking, camp-on, DND, DISA, follow me
  • CID
  • Voice Mail
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Voice Mail
Secure Cloud PBX

Security Features of Xorcom Multi Tennant Phone System

  • Tenants running as separate entities (containers)​
  • IP address limitation for phone/portal users​
  • IP address limitation for administration​
  • Intrusion prevention​
  • Firewall
  • Topology hiding

Management Platform


  • Manage Tenants – create, remove
  • See tenant information
  • Set tenant credentials and specifications
  • Access to tenant’s CompletePBX GUI
  • Real-time status
  • Location (host)
  • Configured extensions


  • Create and manage resellers
  • Setup tenants under resellers
  • Change tenant allocation
  • Billing report per reseller
  • Separate reseller access and view


  • System logs
  • Global settings
  • System defaults

Any hosting provider can be used to deploy self-hosted PBX system

Hosted PBX service provider

Pay per Use

  • Automatic assignment of user licensing – no manual action needed
  • Charging at the end of the month by the amount of active users (extensions)
  • Increase or decrease in the amount of extensions will reflect in the charging without further action

MT Manager – the presentation

Multi-Tenant PBX Videos: