VoIP Gateway Comparison

Comparison - VoIP Gateways, PCI Telephony Cards and Channel Banks vs. Astribank

How to connect traditional telephony ports to Asterisk PBX phone systems?

Connecting traditional telephony ports such as analog trunks and analog extensions (FXO and FXS) and/or digital trunks and digital extensions (PRI/BRI) to Asterisk based systems may be achieved using different technologies.  Xorcom Astribank solution is a USB gateway that provides a versatile and flexible way to connect telephony ports to Asterisk IP PBX systems using Xorcom’s unique XPP technology.

Astribank is fully native within Asterisk based systems and unlike VoIP gateways, it is managed directly via the Asterisk PBX and not as a separate entity, and is completely LAN-independent.  Astribank also allows for features that are not supported in PCI cards and channel banks, such as high-availability and hot-swap, which significantly increases the reliability of the VoIP PBX system.

VoIP Gateway
PCI Card
Channel Bank
Specifically Designed for Asterisk
Centrally Managed via the Asterisk PBX
Reliable Fax Support
Direct Connection to Asterisk Server
image001image001image001image001Not dependent on LAN, Channel bank may require an additional PCI card and available slot.
Hot Pluggable
High Availability
image001image001image001image001Astribank may connect directly to two Xorcom IP PBX systems and perform hands-free failover for all ports.
Supports All Telephony Standards
Supports Mixed Analog/Digital in a Single Device
High Density E1/T1
image001image001image001image001Astribank supports up to 16 E1/T1 ports in one device. More than one Astribank may be used in the same system.
Non-Intrusive Installation
image001image001image001image001Astribank does not require PBX shutdown and opening of panels.
Automatic Configuration
image001image001image001image001Astribank is automatically detected and configured in the Asterisk PBX.
Input Ports
image001image001image001image001Used to connect auxiliary systems, such as alarm systems to the Asterisk PBX.
Output Ports
image001image001image001image001Used to activate auxiliary devices such as electric locks and gates by dialing in the PBX
Rack Space for 1,000 analog ports
"32 U
(4.72 feet)"
"42 U*
(6.19 feet)"
"84 U*
(12.4 feet)"
*Typical figures for gateways and channel banks
Redundant Power Supply
image001image001image001image001Astribank telephony interface for Asterisk PBX systems has optional redundant power supply to ensure full reliability
Clear Front Panel Status Indication
image001image001image001image001Astribank provides real time port status information via front-panned LEDs
RJ11 and Telco Connections
image001image001image001image001Astribank supports both connection types (optional) simultaneously