BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ISDN Telephony Interface Module

BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ISDN is a digital telephony interface (P/N XR0037) used to connect to the telephony provider, legacy PBX or ISDN telephone sets. There are two basic configurations for each BRI ISDN telephony interface port – TE (Terminal) – connects to telephony provider and NT (Network) – connects to ISDN phones (requires power supply option) or legacy PBX (as PSTN ISDN trunks).
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XR0037 Technical Specifications


The Xorcom BRI ISDN telephony interface module supports three configurations:

  • 2 ports (dual BRI) supporting 4 channels
  • 4 ports (quad BRI) supporting 8 channels
  • 8 ports (quad-port BRI) supporting 16 channels

Each set of ports can be licensed separately (and remotely) allowing field upgrade.


  • 2, 4 or 8 BRI ISDN ports
  • Each port is user configurable – NT/TE
  • Power supply for ISDN telephone sets
  • LED status indication for each port including NT/TE status
  • Available in combined units with analog ports (see the “Astribank Telephony Interfaces Configurations” section on the Astribank page)

IP-PBX Integration

Each BRI ISDN telephony interface module has dip-switches to set each port to either NT or TE mode. Power for ISDN phones is supplied by the module. Status LEDs for each port indicate active settings (TE or NT) and line status (no activity, layer 1 active, layer 2 active).

One BRI ISDN telephony interface module (with up to eight BRI ports) may be installed in a single Astribank or Xorcom IP-PBX unit. Use the on-line Product Configurator wizard to determine the most suitable configuration to fit your needs.