Multi Tenant PBX Software Apps

Additional applications for MT Manager

Xorcom CompletePBX phone systems support a range of Apps to enhance the system and provide solutions for specific use cases. Whether you are using a Xorcom PBX appliance, virtual PBX machine or a PBX tenant on a multi-tenant phone system, Xorcom CompletePBX apps can extend the limits of your phone system to new places.

Softphone App PBX

CloudPhone Mobile

Softphone application

Softphone Desktop App

CloudPhone Desktop

Softphone application

Call Agent PBX App


Real-time web operator console

PBX Stats App


Call statistics report

Hotel PBX App

Complete Concierge

Hotel PMS interface

Wallboards PBX App


Real-time performance display

Teams Connector IP-PBX

Teams Connector

Queues, IVRs, Conferences and more