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Hotel PMS interface for MT Manager

Hotel PMS interface The Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface app integrates the CompletePBX phone system with a wide range of PMS systems, allowing the seamless flow of information and correct behavior between the PMS and PBX. Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface...

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Supervision Switchboard

Real-time web operator console Get a real-time view of the system and users, see who is on a call and who is free, let agents report availability and pause themselves, add callers to conference calls, drag-and-drop calls to voicemail or mobile, use phonebooks or...

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Wallboard App

Real-time performance display Get real-time performance information for call center agents. Set up customized wallboards and dashboards using an easy-to-use interface. Monitor SLA, free agents, callers in queue, agent status, system load and many more parameters with...

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PBX Call Statistics

Call statistics reportsMake the most out of your call center by StatsExplorer granular call center performance reports. Slice the information using different segmentations, create customized reports and gain control of the call center performance.License type: Queue...

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Multi Tenant PBX Software Apps

Xorcom CompletePBX phone systems support a range of Apps to enhance the system and provide solutions for specific use cases. Whether you are using a Xorcom PBX appliance, virtual PBX machine or a PBX tenant on a multi-tenant phone system, Xorcom CompletePBX apps can...

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Virtual PBX System Requirements

CompletePBX Network RequirementsLatency - under 100ms Bandwidth - 85 Kb/s per call (times the number of concurrent calls + spare)Packet loss - under 0.3%, preferably as low as possible Minimal Resources for Office PBX *For call recording...

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Contact Xorcom

dbdb-telegramFollow us on TelegramContact Xorcom Phone Systems Use the contact form for any inquiry regarding Xorcom phone systems. You may also use the region-specific contacts on the right hand side to directly contact a sales representative. Follow us...

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CompletePBX – PBX Software Updates

In this update:  immediate bug fix for IVR issueIf you are upgrading a Spark system, you may ignore the special instructions. For any other system of version 5.0.59 or lower please perform the following steps: 1. run yum install xorcom-centos-release 2. run yum update...

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CompletePBX 5.1.25 – PBX Software Updates

In this update:  Support added for Dinstar IP phones, new widgets for real-time Wallboards, improved conference management,  queue and IVR improvements, bug fixes. NOTE:  THIS UPDATE INCLUEES A KERNEL UPGRADE AND REQUIRES A SYSTEM RESTART If you are upgrading a Spark...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – MT Manager Software Update 1.0.31

NEW - MT Manager API API is now available for MT Manager. The new API includes: Tenant creation including attributes: resource plan reseller name image name contact person information services and the access whitelist addon applications Changing tenant attributes (as...

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