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IP Phones Compatibility – CompletePBX 5 Endpoint Manager

IP (SIP) Phones compatibility

The CompletePBX Endpoint Manager is the CompletePBX IP phone provisioning tool that offers network scanning, importing of MAC addresses and adding phones using the PhoneScan app.



Currently Supported Phones


Aastra480i, 480i CT, 6730i, 6731i, 6735i, 6737i, 6739i, 6751i, 6751i RP, 6753i, 6753i RP, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT, 6757i CT RP, 6863i, 6865i, 6867i, 9112i, 9133i, 9143i, 9480i, 9480i CT
7911, 7942, 7975, SPA303, SPA502G
DPH-120S, DPH-120SE, DPH-400S, DPH-400SE, DPH-400GE, DPH-860S, DPH-850S, DPH-150S, DPH-150SE, DPH-120SE, DPH-120S
FanvilC01, C56, C58, C62, C66, F52, X3, X5, X3S, X4X5S, X6, C58P, C56P, H5
GrandstreamDP710, DP715, GPX1100, GPX1105, GPX1160, GPX1165, GXP1200, GXP1400, GXP1405, GXP1450, GXP1610, GXP1620, GXP1625, GXP1628, GXP1630, GXP2000, GXP2010, GXP2020, GXP2100, GXP2110, GXP2120, GXP2124v2, GXP2130, GXP2140, GXP2160, GXP2200, GXP280, GXP285, GXV3140v2, GXV3175v2, GXV3240, GXV3275, HT701, HT702.The GXP2170, GXP2135 and GAC2500, HT802, DP750, GXP1780, GXP1760, GXV3370
HanlongUC802, UC802P, UC803, UC803P, UC804, UC804P, UC806, UC806P, UC840, UC840P, UC842, UC842P, UC860, UC860P, UC862, UC862P
UC902P, UC903, UC912G, UC923, UC924, UC926E
PolycomSoundPoint IP320, SoundPoint IP321, SoundPoint IP330, SoundPoint IP331, SoundPoint IP335, SoundPoint IP450, SoundPoint IP550, SoundPoint IP560, SoundPoint IP601, SoundPoint IP650, SoundPoint IP670, VVX1500, VVX1500D, VVX300, VVX310, VVX400, VVX410, VVX500, VVX600
VTechVSP715A, VSP725A, VSP735A, VSP600A, CTM-S341, VCS752, VCS754, CTM-S2312, CTM-S2411, CTM-S2421, CTM-S341, S2100-L, S2210-L, S2211-L
Snom300, 320, 360, 370, 710, 715, 720, 760, 821, 870
XP0100P, XP0101G, XP0101P, XP0120P, XP0121G, XP0121P, XP0150G, UC902, UC912G, UC924, UC926, UC921G
YealinkT19P, T19P E2, T20P, T21P, T21P-E2, T22P, T23P, T23G, T26P, T27P, T28P, T29G, T32G, T38G, T40P, T41P, T42G, T46G, T48G, T49G, CP860.T41S, T42S, T46S, T48S, T58V, T58A, T56A, T52S, T54S, CP960, T60P, T65P, T68G, CP920, W52P, W56P, W60P
GigasetGigaset Maxwell Basic, Maxwell 2, Maxwell 3 


Adding New Endpoint Vendors/Models


  • Xorcom is continually adding support for additional IP phone models and, as a result, will be releasing periodic updates to the Endpoint Manager. Feel free to contact us at any time with requests to add specific manufacturers/models.