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Xorcom IP PBX Phone Systems

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Xorcom Technical Training

Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
10th-12th February, 2020


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Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
12th-14th February, 2020

International Hotel Technology Forum 2020

Austria Center Vienna
24th-26th March, 2020

Multi-Tenant PBX Platform

Multi-Tenant PBX – Xorcom MT Manager is a multi-tenant PBX platform that lets you run a hosted PBX service, create and manage multiple customers on the same server and set your service policies. MT Manager’s pay-per-use model makes it easy to start and easy to scale. Read more…

IP PBX for Business

Virtual PBX 

Xorcom develops and provides user-friendly virtual PBX that can be implemented as an on-premise virtual machine or in the cloud. Xorcom CompletePBX software provides full-featured PBX that is amazingly easy to manage but at the same time provides advanced VoIP PBX features and is highly secure.  Read more…



PBX Software - Virtual PBX

Hardware PBX Systems

Xorcom designed a broad range of fully integrated hardware PBX systems.  Our IP PBX product line offers IP PBX solutions for a small office to high-availability enterprise phone systems serving thousands of users. The systems are built and tested as integral systems with known capacity and reliability.  All Xorcom PBX products run the advanced CompletePBX software.  Xorcom PBX systems are the heart of communications in a wide range of industries including banks, healthcare, retail chains, HLS and many others.  Read more…

Hotel Phone Systems

Hotel PMS integration, wake up calls, room status reports, voicemail cleanup, and many other hotel-specific features are supported by Xorcom’s Complete Concierge hotel PMS integration.  Xorcom hotel systems are trusted by hotel chains as well as small hotels around the world.  Read more…

Telephony Interfaces

Xorcom PBX systems offer excellent integration of VoIP and traditional telephony interfaces, including high-density analog (FXS, FXO) or digital (PRI, BRI) systems. Xorcom’s Astribank telephony interfaces are fully integrated with any Asterisk-based system, so unlike gateways, they are managed directly via the PBX user interface using Xorcom’s XPP technology.  Read more…

Supervision Switchboard for PBX Tenants

Supervision Switchboard is now available for MT Manager multi-tenant PBX platform (starting MT Manager version 1.0.19).The Supervision Switchboard allows real-time monitoring of calls, agents,...

Choosing Xorcom phone system enabled us to invest more money in the hands of the kids, in the form of laptops and i-Pads”

Doug Jensen

Director of Technology, El Dorado Public Schools

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