E1 / T1 PRI (Primary Rate Interface) Telephony Interface Module

The Xorcom PRI (Primary Rate Interface) telephony interface module (P/N XR0052) supports both T1 and E1 protocols. The hardware used in this module supports T1 CAS and E1 R2 as well.
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XR0052 Technical Specifications


The PRI telephony interface module supports three configurations:

  • 1 port (single E1/T1 PRI) supporting 23-30 channels
  • 2 ports (dual E1/T1 PRI) supporting 46-60 channels
  • 4 ports (quad E1/T1 PRI) supporting 92-120 channels


  • 1, 2 or 4 PRI ISDN ports
  • E1 and T1 support
  • Separate NT/TE connectors – no DIP switches or special cables required
  • LED status indication for each port including NT/TE status and layer 1 and 2 synchronization
  • Available in combined units with analog ports (see the “Astribank Telephony Interfaces Configurations” section on the Astribank page)

IP-PBX Integration

Each PRI telephony interface port has two connectors: one for TE and the other for NT settings, so no manual NT/TE setting is required. Status LEDs indicate active settings (TE or NT) and line status (no activity, layer 1 active, layer 2 active).

  • One PRI telephony interface module (with a half active PRI port – up to 16 channels) may be installed in a Spark CXS1000 unit.
  • One PRI telephony interface module (with a single active PRI port) may be installed in a C/XR2000 or C/XE2000 unit.
  • One PRI telephony interface module (with up to four active PRI ports) may be installed in a Blue Steel CXT3000/CXT4000, C/XR3000 or C/XE3000 unit.
  • Up to four PRI telephony interface modules (for a total of up to 16 PRI ports) may be installed in a single Astribank.

Use the on-line Product Configurator wizard to determine the most suitable configuration to fit your needs.

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