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IP-Based PBX Resources for Our Partners

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We have created the following tools and support items for our worldwide distribution channel:

  • Product Descriptions for Your Web Site
  • Comparison Charts
  • Brochures
  • Data Sheets

Marketing Documents for Download

Product Abstracts for Your Web Site

This Microsoft Word document contains texts and graphics for each Xorcom product family. We encourage you to post them on your Web site (as is, or translated to your local language).

Comparison Charts

Data Sheets

Brochures (right-click to download; left-click to view on-line)

TopicLow Resolution (for Web/e-Mail)High Resolution (for print)
 English EspañolFrançaisFrançaisEnglish Español
All Product Pamphlet1.7.Mb1.7 Mb1.8 Mb3.5 Mb3.5 Mb3.5 Mb
CompletePBX / IP-PBX646 Kb675 Kb881 Kb7.6 Mb2.2 Mb2.2 Mb
CompletePBX Security Flier371 Kbb356 Kb471 Kb2.5 Mb2.5 Mb2.5 Mb
Complete Concierge235 Kb259 KbN/AN/A2.13 Mb1.86 Mb
Astribank601.29 Kb597.59 KbN/AN/A2.01 Mb2.02 Mb
IP Phones789.70 Kb762.17 KbN/AN/A1.46 Mb1.46 Mb
High Availability (TwinStar)943 Kb926 KbN/AN/A3.59 Mb3.57 Mb
Peripherals246.81 Kb926 KbN/AN/A1.5 Mb1.47 Mb
CompletePBX (Specific Verticals)
  CompletePBX for Legal Offices285 KbN/AN/AN/A2.86 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Contractors305 KbN/AN/AN/A2.88 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Consultants257 KbN/AN/AN/A2.17 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Campuses319 KbN/AN/AN/A3.22 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Vehicle Dealerships293 KbN/AN/AN/A2.77 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Healthcare264 KbN/AN/AN/A2.10 MbN/A
  CompletePBX for Manufacturing298 KbN/AN/AN/A2.99 MbN/A


  • Xorcom Logos
  • Product Photos
  • Product Catalog Diagrams
  • Advertising
  • Roll-ups & Posters

Graphics for Download

Xorcom Logos

IP-PBX and VoIP solutions from Xorcom are installed in over 100 countries worldwide.

IP-PBX and VoIP solutions from Xorcom are installed in over 100 countries worldwide.

Xorcom logos in various formatsXPP logo in various formatsInstalled in 100+ logo in 2 formats

Product Photos

 Topic Compressed Zip File
 High ResLow Res
Spark (CXS1000)11.2 Mb2.9 Mb
Blue Steel (CXT3000/CXT4000)53.5 Mb2.1 Mb
Astribank; XR1000, XR2000, XR3000, XE2000, and XE3000 IP-PBX25.2 Mb1.2 Mb
Xorcom XP Series IP Phones & Expansion Console 30.37 Mb 1.89 Mb
Xorcom XE Series with Xorcom IP Phones  284.74 Kb 284.74 Kb
Redundant Power Supply (P/N XR0108) 2.2 Mb 0.9 Mb
Analog/Digital Modules (FXS,FXO,PRI,R2,BRI ISDN) 6.34 Mb 2.3 Mb
Rapid PA (P/N XR0067) 1.04 Mb
Rapid Recovery (P/N XR0068) 55.58 Kb

Product Catalog Drawings and Network Diagrams

This is an example of a product catalog drawing (for XR1-12).

This is an example of a product catalog drawing (for XR1-12).





Roll-up Posters (high resolution 210x85cm)

CompletePBX9.57 Mb9.56 MbN/AN/A
CompletePBX (toll fraud protection)12.6 Mb13.2 MbN/AN/A
CompletePBX (v. 5)7.2 Mb6.6 MbN/AN/A
XE3000 IP-PBX with IP Phones7.1 Mb5.12 Mb5.4 Mb4.9 Mb
Blue Steel with 3 IP Phones5.02 Mb7.1 MbN/AN/A
TwinStar Plus41.1 Mb42.58 Mb42.58 Mb41.1 Mb
Complete Concierge3.79 Mb3.79 Mb4.16 Mb3.7 Mb
CompleteSBC (diagram)1 Mb2.12 MbN/AN/A
  • Configurator / Online Quote Tool
  • Demo Kit
  • Reseller Pages on Xorcom Site
  • Customer Testimonials (Case Studies)
  • IP-PBX Pre-sales Site Survey

Lead Generation Program Materials

Product Configurator – Get a Quote Tool

Demo Kit

This powerful sales tool is a complete, pre-configured system including IP-PBX, IP phones, data switch, cables and Rapid Recovery DOK. It will allow you to create a highly customized product demonstration at the prospective customer’s site.

Reseller Page on Xorcom Site

Xorcom Certified Reseller LogoPartners who have signed a Reseller Agreement with Xorcom or a Xorcom distributor and who meet the criteria in the Xorcom Reseller Levels Policy can be promoted on the Xorcom Web site in the “Authorized Resellers” section.

Download the submission form to participate in this opportunity.

Customer Testimonials (Case Studies)

Another great way to get exposure for your business is through success stories, also known as case studies. Your customer will get an extended 3-year warranty on each of the Xorcom products mentioned in the case study, and your company will be promoted on our Web site, in our blog, and in our periodic newsletters.

For more information:

IP-PBX Pre-sales Site Survey

Make the most out of your on-site sales call by arming yourself with this handy survey. Even veteran sales personnel forget to ask about an important aspect of a potential project every now and then. Download it now!

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  • Partner Updates & Webinars
  • Remote Upgrade Licensing
  • Xorcom Policies
  • Support & Product Release Bulletins

Administrative Documents for Download

Price List & Licensing Information


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