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The Heart of Xorcom Phone System, IP PBX Software Installed in Any Xorcom Phone System, or Available as Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange).
Download free software PBX & add more licenses to your fully functional virtual PBX system / PBX server.

Software PBX
Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or Phone System Appliance – CompletePBX is the heart of Xorcom hardware and software phone systems. Built on top of the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms, it’s built for stability and performance.

CompletePBX was designed from the ground up to combine ease of use, advanced features and security at every level.

Download free PBX software, fully functional CompletePBX 5 VM – evaluation virtual machine now!

Easy to Use

Day to day management of the phone system doesn’t need to be complicated or require hours of specialist work. We have invested a lot of work so that you don’t have to.

Mobile Software PBX

Virtual or Physical, On Premise or in the Cloud

PBX Software Download

Your PBX, your way. Prefer a fully integrated solution or virtual machine? On-premise or in a data center? CompletePBX provides full flexibility for your organization.

VoIP, Legacy, Hybrid IP PBX

CompletePBX offers a smooth and easy migration path by allowing the use of legacy telephony interfaces alongside VoIP in a completely transparent way.

Hybrid PBX

Security at Every Level

PBX Security

We take security seriously. In the age of VoIP, a nonsecure phone system might cost the owner well over its price if hacked or abused. CompletePBX IP PBX / PBX server offers several layers of security so that you can make the most of your phone system with full confidence.

Any hosting provider can be used to deploy self-hosted PBX system

Hosted PBX Service Provider

CompletePBX5 IP PBX Software – Video Overview

  • Complete PBX5 software management system overview
  • Extension and device management
  • Global search
  • Class of service
  • IP Phones provisioning
  • Phone system (IP PBX) security, and more
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CompletePBX 5 Virtual PBX Screenshots Gallery

Free Virtual PBX
CompletePBX Dashboard – the Dashboard gives the PBX administrator a quick real time view of the system health and status in CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances.  The dashboard includes performance (CPU, memory etc.), available storage space, a number of calls in real time and service statuses.
Free Virtual PBX
Search everything in CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances.  Global Search will retrieve any entity in the system (e.g. specific extension, trunk, ring Group etc.) or any menu item (e.g. Extension, Trunks, Ring Groups etc.).  Global Search is one of the things that make CompletePBX the friendliest phone system out there.
 Virtual PBX
Class of Service allows the CompletePBX virtual PBX or appliance administrator to have granular control over phone users permissions.  PBX administrator can limit things like features, call destinations, times destinations are allowed and routes that user may use.  This feature important security feature helps PBX administrators avoid potential issues both from users and from hackers.
CompletePBX administrator can set up unlimited Classes of Service and later apply them to Extensions and Trunks, to achieve the exact level of permissions the administrator wants to grant each class of users.
Software PBX
When using CompletePBX virtual PBX or appliance, the administrator can choose the specific features each class of service may or may not use.  For example, lobby phones may be restricted only to basic call functions while other phones may use advanced features like the direct call to voicemail, night mode and more.
Software PBX
Using Dialing Restriction Rules the CompletePBX administrator may apply limitations on which destinations may be dialed by any Class of Service.  For example, an extension may not dial a number longer than four digits, or a number that starts with 00.
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CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances provide a super-friendly way to manage pickup groups.  The group may contain users that can pick up calls, that their calls may be picked up by others and ones that have both options turned on.  Unlimited amounts of Pickup Groups may be created in CompletePBX systems.
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CompletePBX administrator gets access to Asterisk CLI right from the GUI.  The GUI will also suggest available commands to make the administrators work easier.
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CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances provide a user-friendly log file viewer to make troubleshooting easier.
CompletePBX software PBX system status reports help of phone system administrator sees relevant system data with ease.
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CompletePBX User Profiles lets the administrator set different levels of administrators and users permissions.
Software PBX for download
CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances allow for application access control.  Using Application Access the administrator can set permissions for 3rd party applications and add ons allowing for single sign on and a smooth and coherent user experience.
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Intrusion prevention is critical in software PBX communication systems. CompletePBX virtual PBX systems and appliances include a built in Intrusion Prevention module that will block and IP from which it detects intrusion attempts.
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CompletePBX virtual PBX systems / PBX server and appliances include an integral firewall that allows the administrator to carefully control what ports and services are available and to whom.

“After a previous disappointment with other virtual phone systems, IP Tech was able to save us and set up a new Xorcom virtual IP PBX phone system for a new cinema in less than 3 hours!  After that we knew what virtual PBX we are going with.”

Review of IP PBX by Emil Trayov

IT Manager , Cineworld