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VoIP phone systems for the modern work environment and any size office.

From small offices to global enterprises, office customers in over 100 countries around the world benefit from the CompletePBX IP PBX phone system advantages.

Xorcom hotel phone systems let your hotel benefit from an advanced office phone systems, reporting and control features and integration with a range of Property Management Systems (PMS) for guest billing, room status and more.
Seamless support for VoIP and analog extensions and lines.
Xorcom CompletePBX Call Center will help you optimize the time and skills of your staff and provide better customer experience without breaking your budget.
Enjoy smart queue management, unlimited IVRs, advanced reporting tools, real-time monitoring, and training capabilities.


Enjoy the full advantage of the CompletePBX phone system in the most flexible and IT-friendly way.

As a virtual PBX, you can install the Xorcom PBX in the cloud or on premise, create full snapshots for quick and safe disaster recovery and manage resources for easy scaling of the system.


Multi-Tenant PBX – Xorcom MT Manager is a multi-tenant PBX platform that lets you run a hosted PBX service, create and manage multiple customers on the same server and set your service policies.

MT Manager’s pay-per-use model makes it easy to start and easy to scale.


IP Phones for VoIP PBX Phone Systems – the Xorcom XP Series of UC phones provides high definition (HD) sound quality and a comprehensive range of traditional business and VoIP features to the enterprise desktop.

All Xorcom products – Business phone systems, Hotel PBX, Virtual PBX, Gateways, Cloud Recording are distributed globally and are available worldwide via Xorcom authorized distributors and resellers.
Xorcom provides its products with the international warranty and technical support services.
Feel free to contact us online or via our authorized partners.