IP PBX Swift by Xorcom


SWIFT.  Think BIG.

Compact IP-PBX Swift

Compact & Energy-Efficient IP PBX System by Xorcom

Swift PBX is an ideal compact IP PBX system for a wide range of businesses, from small offices and up to organizations with hundreds of users. Swift offers the full functionality of the CompletePBX enterprise-grade operating system in a minimal form factor with minimal energy consumption.

Swift innovative IP PBX supports all CompletePBX apps allowing mobility, statistics, and control, as well as hotel PMS integration.

Currently available in three versions:

Compact IP-PBX


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Compact IP-PBX FXO

Swift FXO

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Compact IP-PBX SSD

Swift Ultra 250 GB SSD 2 Ethernet ports

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Energy efficient IP-PBX the graph

Swift PBX slashes energy consumption compared to previous models with a reduction of 40%-92% in consumption.

With up to 200 concurrent calls*, the Swift PBX system reaches new performance heights and serves a wide range of needs. It can outperform significantly larger systems while staying small, quiet, and efficient.

* SIP calls, G.711

Robust IP-PBX

The rich CompletePBX system functionality and the full range of CompletePBX apps provide flexible, mobile, advanced tools to address the ever-changing needs of modern businesses.
Activate new apps as needed at any given time.
See available IP PBX apps here.

IP PBX uses

16x smaller shipping volume than Spark*

* For a 10 units package

IP PBX Shipping Costs
Silent VoIP Hardware IP-PBX

Connecting Traditional Telephony to IP PBX


(up to)

    • 48 x Analog extensions
    • 48 x Analog lines
    • 1 x E1/T1 PRI 
    • 8 x BRI ISDN

IP Gateways 

  • FXS [link]
  • FXO
  • E1/T1 PRI 
  • GSM

Swift FXO

  • 4 analog lines (integral)
VoIP PBX and Phone

Swift – Think BIG. Innovative compact IP PBX System. Video presentation.