Xorcom MT Manager Multi-Tenant PBX Software Feature List

Tenant Management

  • Create/delete tenant
  • Stop/start tenant
  • Set tenant resource limits
  • Set tenant whitelists for Web, AMI and SSH
  • Search tenant by name, reseller, hostname and attributes
  • Assign/change/remove reseller from tenant
  • Bulk actions for tenant

Reseller Management

  • Create/delete/modify unlimited resellers
  • Assign/change/remove reseller from tenant
  • Login to private reseller area

System Management

  • System logs – detailed actions by user and IP address
  • Resource plans management
    • Create/delete/modify an unlimited number of resource limit plans
    • Change plans for active tenants
  • Real-time tenant status
  • Auto-licensing – no need to purchase in advance

One-Click Apps

  • App activation via the MT Manager GUI
  • Pay per use model
  • Quick and simple activation/deactivation
  • Currently available apps:
    • Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface


  • SSL
  • Secure SSH tenant access
  • Limited access to tenant services by whitelist management:  SSH, AMI, Web
  • Limited Web access to administration access by whitelist
  • Topology hiding
  • Independent database per tenant
  • Strong tenant separation
  • PIN-protected outbound calls
  • Stong password policy enforcement
  • Time-based call restrictions


  • Xorcom Cloud
  • Private servers
  • Any major cloud provider

Tenant features