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CloudPhone SIP phone for CompletePBX IP PBX by Xorcom
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Mobile softphone app.

Xorcom softphone mobile app CloudPhone provides full mobility for users working with the CompletePBX IP PBX communication system.

Use your extension on your mobile phone, use your mobile phone contacts, set do-not-disturb schedules, transfer calls, record calls and more. 

Your mobile number will not be seen when making calls using CloudPhone and you will be reachable on your direct office number. 

Xorcom CloudPhone is an executive-grade SIP softphone for Xorcom PBX extensions.  It is compatible with all Xorcom VoIP PBX systems.

License type:  CloudPhone Users (Extensions)
Developed by: Xorcom 

Your office. Anywhere.

Your extension goes with you wherever you go.

Remote employees?  Traveling salespeople?

Working from home?  No problem.

CloudPhone allows you to work seamlessly wherever you and your employees are. Unlike using their mobile number, with CloudPhone all users and call flow are centrally managed in CompletePBX.

Softphone user
Softphone VoIP Mobile

Setup has never been simpler.

CloudPhone is fully provisioned by CompletePBX. Once the extension is set up in the CompletePBX management interface, all the user has to do is to follow simple instructions she gets by email and have the phone working in less than one minute.

How to set up CloudPhone…

Private time? We’ve got you covered.

Not everyone wants their business extension to ring at 2:00 AM on Saturday. For that reason, CloudPhone offers a granular do-not-disturb schedule that any user can set based on their preferences and the nature of their work.

Softphone Do not desturb - DND

Softphone Mobile Software – CloudPhone by Xorcom – Video Presentation

Mobile Softphone User

Share your business number, not your private number.

CloudPhone allows you to share the business number and not the user’s private phone number. This allows employees to be available at any time without compromising their privacy.

Organizational chat. Easy.

Chat with any other employee. If needed, click to make it a call.

Create a group chat on the fly for discussion or to keep groups informed in real-time.

Company voicemail goes mobile.

Your company mobile is now with you. CloudPhone provides a visual indication and easy access to voicemail.

Softphone IP Phone Mobile VoIP

Company voicemail goes mobile.

Your company mobile is now with you. CloudPhone provides a visual indication and easy access to voicemail.

Record. Transfer. Conference.

CloudPhone allows every user to record calls, transfer, create a conference and hold a call, and you can do that while having a coffee in your favorite coffee shop.

Softphone Call Recording

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