IP Phones Technical Documentation & Manuals

We are continually working on improving and expanding our product documentation. Manuals for the following IP phones are currently available:

Xorcom UC926 Gigabit Color IP Phone

Xorcom UC924 Gigabit Color IP Phone

Xorcom UC912G IP Phone

 Xorcom UC902 IP Phone

 IP Phone Expansion Module: UC46

 Xorcom XP Series IP Phones Documentation:

Xorcom IP Phones Video Tutorials (a playlist):

Xorcom XP0150G Gigabit Color IP Phone

Xorcom XP0121/G IP Phone

  • XP0121/G User’s Manual
  • XP0121/G Data Sheet

Xorcom XP0120/P Advanced IP Phone

Xorcom XP0100/P Cost-Effective IP Phone

 Xorcom XP0020 Expansion Module for XP0120/P Models