Small Business IP PBX Phone Systems

Small-business IP PBX (private branch exchange) can offer features and capabilities of big business phone systems in a fraction of the cost. Compare and choose VoIP PBX system for your small business.

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Small Business IP PBX

Xorcom Business Phone Systems – IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for Small Business

While small business IT budget is limited, in today’s work environment it is possible to get customized and modern voice communications in a fraction of the cost of the same capabilities only 10-15 years ago. As a small business owner, it is good to know the capabilities of modern-day business IP PBX phone systems, which extend far beyond the classic key-systems of the past. Knowing that it is possible to make more out of every interaction with the customer, and making sure the employees are able to provide the best service with the least waste of time.

Latest new features for small business IP PBX phone systems:

Small Business PBX Features
  • Cloud call recording – small businesses can now record an unlimited amount of calls and have them safely and securely without worrying about managing servers and meeting regulation. All calls are encrypted and saved in the cloud.
  • Visual IVR & queues let the small business manager easily understand the business call-flow. With clear visual layout, it is easy to see how a call will be routed once it gets into the system and to make sure there are no “dead ends” in call routing.
  • Smart IP phone provisioning tools reduce the time and cost of setting up a phone system. Small businesses may even be able to add new phones themselves using the PhoneScan provisioning app.
  • Amazing search – CompletePBX global search makes it easy to find and modify things in the system. There is no need to remember menu structures or guess where things are, simply search for any menu item or entity in the system and immediately see all relevant results.

Is My Business a Call Center?

While most businesses do not consider themselves call centers, it is becoming more and more popular for small business to set up their IP PBX phone system with call center capabilities to ensure maximum effectiveness of employees and minimum waiting time for customers. Features like smart queue management, priority VIP customers, dynamic agents, reporting tools, smart multi-layer IVR (auto-attendant) and many more features that used to cost a lot are available today for very affordable pricing.

Therefore, many small businesses with even two or three people that are answering the phone for service or sales now setup this as a small call center with professional management of call flow and proper statistics and real time monitoring that provides the business owner with visibility, so that she can take the right decisions based on data.

Small Business PBX Cloud or Appliance

Cloud PBX, Virtual Phone System, Classic PBX

Today’s IP PBX phone systems for small business are more software than hardware, which allows more flexibility on how they are implemented. You can choose whether you want to run the PBX as a software-only virtual machine on a general purpose in-house, set it up in the cloud with a reliable provider, or have an integrated appliance in-house.

Download free CompletePBX demo system with up to 3 extensions.

Xorcom Small Business IP PBX Products comparison:

Feature/ModelSwift IP PBX FamilySwan IP PBX Family Software PBX (CompletePBX virtual machine)
Compact PBX SystemSwan - powerful elegance. 1U IP-PBX up to 500 extensions download-software-pbx
Extensions licensed 30-500 up to 500 via gatewayup to 5000 users, licensed per amount of extensions
Max. recommended users200250up to 5000 users, licensed per amount of extensions
Max. concurrent calls (SIP only)200200Based on resources
Max. concurrent calls (PRI + FXS) 3060-
Max. analog ports (FXS, FXO)4 FXO (integral)
4 FXO/FXS via Astribank
48 Total via Astribankvia gateway
Max. digital ports:
BRI ISDN8 via Astribank
8 Integralvia gateway
E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, T1 CAS1 via Astribank
2 Integralvia gateway
Ethernet ports1 x 1 GB
2 x 1 GB-
Storage32 GB
250 GB-
Rapid Recoveryimage001image001VM snaphot
Internal backup and restoreimage001image001VM snaphot
Power supplyExternalExternal-
Size13 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm
SoftwareCompletePBX5 software, free upgrade under warrantyCompletePBX5 software, free upgrade under warrantyCompletePBX VM, available for VMware, Hyper-V and Oracle VirtualBox
Small Business PBX Phone System

Phones Systems that Expand with Your Business

As IP PBX phones systems today are basically computers running phone management software, it is easy to expand by providing more resources (and buying more licenses if needed) without having to change anything in the way your business works, or set up a whole new system with different logic.

Your Choice of Phones

In the past phones were normally locked to one single vendor. XYZ phone system worked with XYZ phones, and as you could only get it from them, the prices were high, and the customer was captivated after the initial purchase. Many of today’s phones systems support a standard called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) that is used for voice communications over the network. Also, most of the IP phones support that standard, which means that when buying such an open standards system, you are never captivated by a single vendor. This makes the TCO lower, and also allows greater flexibility in choosing the right phone for your business, over a wide range of available price and feature levels as well as more and less expensive vendors.

Making Adjustments to the Phone System

In small businesses phone systems used to be very static. One reason is that if “it works, why to touch it?” Another reason, though, was that in the old days, each change required the expensive intervention of the dealer. Not anymore. Modern phone systems like CompletePBX come with a user-friendly, web-based user interface, with different levels of authorizations.

While more complex things like networking and security will still be in the domain of the dealer, more day-to-day things, like changing a name of a user, modifying pickup groups, making a user an agent in a queue, changing opening hours and so on, may be easily performed by an employee that is always available and does not cost extra. This does not only reduce expenses but also helps you use the phone system as the business needs it, without compromise.

One User, Many Phones

Today’s communication goes far beyond a one-user-one-phone environment. With remote and mobile employees and business owners and managers that want to be available out of the office, a more flexible solution is required.

Small business IP PBX phone systems today can offer multiple devices per user, so that one may get a call on the mobile phone, desk phone (in the office or at home) or laptop under the same extension, with the same behaviour and rules, applied, no matter what device is being used. At the end of the day, we are talking to a person, not a device.

Small Business IP PBX Phone Systems with Enterprise System Muscle

At the end of the day small businesses, just like a large enterprise, have their communication with customers at the highest priority. However, today, for the first time, a small business can compete with large enterprise on a plain level field with voice communication tools as powerful as those of the enterprise, but with the flexibility and agility of a small business.
After investing the time to choose the right VoIP phone systems and do proper initial setup and optimization, the returns can be far greater than the investment, and the positioning of the business can leap to new heights.

Best IP PBX for Small Business – Video Presentation

IP PBX with FXO for Small Business – Online Presentation

“The capital cost of implementing the proposed solution was half the price of purchasing a traditional solution yet by using IP telephony all the functionality is still provided. While the cost savings are impressive, what is really great about this solution is the flexibility; it does everything and much more than the competitors – with no hidden costs.”

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