Xorcom Product Warranty and Service Agreement

Xorcom Product Warranty and Service Agreement Policy

Warranty / Service Agreement Activation

Starting CompletePBX version 5.2.0 and up, there is no need to manually activate the product warranty or service agreement. The warranty/service agreement period will start automatically when the system is put into production.

Manual activation is still possible via the CompletePBX GUI, under the Updates section.


Xorcom Product Warranty Policy

XORCOM Ltd. warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service, for twelve months from the date of purchase*.  This warranty extends to all software components supplied and invoiced with the Xorcom product.

The warranty period may be extended, up to a total of five years, based on Xorcom’s commercial terms, as long as the system is still covered by warranty at the time of renewal.  For systems with expired warranty Xorcom will backdate the new warranty start date to the last warranty end date, and shall keep the right to request remote inspection of the machine and to decline the renewal.

Xorcom’s Software Service Agreement (see below) applies to these software components and is included in the product warranty.

No other software components are covered under this warranty. Technical support for these software components can be obtained by submitting the Technical Support Request form on the Xorcom Web site.

If a product does not operate as warranted during the applicable warranty period, XORCOM Ltd., shall, at its option and expense, repair the defective product or part, deliver to the customer an equivalent product, or refund to the customer the purchase price paid for the defective product. All products that are replaced will become the property of XORCOM Ltd. Replacement products may be new or reconditioned.

XORCOM Ltd. shall not be responsible for any software, firmware, information, or memory data of the customer contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to it pursuant to any warranty.

Warranty service may be obtained by contacting Xorcom within the applicable warranty period for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, accompanied by a copy of the dated proof of the purchase. Products returned to XORCOM Ltd. must be pre-authorized by XORCOM Ltd., with RMA number marked on the outside of the package, and sent prepaid, insured and packaged appropriately for safe shipment.


Xorcom Software Service Agreement

The Xorcom Software Service Agreement covers technical support to the Xorcom software including all software components supplied by Xorcom. In addition, products under the Software Service Agreement will be eligible for the relevant software updates issues by Xorcom from time to time, including feature improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. Xorcom reserves the right to introduce new software modules, apps, and additional features under a different license. In such a case, users will not receive such new items under the Software Service Agreement.

The Software Service Agreement is always included under the hardware warranty.

All time-limited licenses (annual, monthly, multi-tenant) include the Software Service Agreement for the period of validity of the license and in any additional period the license is extended to, this period will include the Software Service Agreement.

Perpetual licenses include 12 months of Software Service Agreement with the initial purchase. Additional periods can be purchased.

For older Xorcom hardware, for which the Xorcom Product Warranty is no longer available, it is possible to extend the Software Service Agreement separately.

The status of the Software Service Agreement is presented in the CompletePBX GUI under the Licenses section.