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Asterisk Gateway

Astribank is a versatile USB-gateway specifically designed for the Asterisk IP-PBX. Astribank supports all the common telephony interfaces for lines (trunks) and extensions: FXS, FXO, BRI, E1/T1 PRI, T1 CAS and E1 R2. The Astribank driver is a part of the standard Asterisk distribution.


Telephony Modules for IP-PBX and Astribank Xorcom products are modular and support all the common telephony lines and trunks. Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Products Telephony Interface Modules E1 / T1 PRI Telephony Interface Module 8 FXS, I/O Telephony Line Interface Module...

VoIP Gateway Comparison

VoIP Gateway Comparison Comparison - VoIP Gateways, PCI Telephony Cards and Channel Banks vs. Astribank Xorcom IP PBX VoIP Gateway Comparison How to connect traditional telephony ports to Asterisk PBX phone systems? Connecting traditional telephony ports such as...

FXS Telephony Line Interface Module

FXS Telephony Line Interface Module This module connects analog telephones (and in some cases legacy PBX) to the Asterisk PBX. Xorcom IP PBXIP PBX ProductsTelephony Interface ModulesOverviewFeaturesMore Info The FXS telephony line interface is used to connect analog...