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Phone System Backup and Recovery Accessory
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The Xorcom Rapid Recovery™ (XRR) is a unique software package installed on a Disk-on-Key (DOK) that enables simple, safe and speedy backup and recovery of Xorcom’s entire line of IP-PBX solutions. It will work with the original system-delivered software on most Xorcom appliances.

PBX Backup and Recovery Made Simple

Rapid Recovery™ enables simple, safe and speedy recovery of Xorcom’s IP-PBX solutions. In just a few minutes, this utility can restore and recover the Xorcom IP-PBX, including its configuration files and voice prompts, if desired.


Additional Use for Rapid Recovery PBX Backup and Restore

In addition, this tool can be used to reduce implementation time in multi-site facilities. Simply prepare the common configuration — such as dialing plan, IVRs, ring groups, phonebook, etc. — and save the image to the Rapid Recovery disk-on-key. For each site, use the Rapid Recovery to install the image, then set the system name and define the IP address. The new system is ready for use!

PBX Backup and Recovery for Multiple Instances

Since it is possible to give each backup a descriptive name, many different IP-PBX system backups may be stored on the same DOK. The XRR compresses typical Asterisk configurations, including the complete Asterisk distributions, to less than 0.5 GB. Consequently, a standard 8 GB DOK will typically store up to 16 different system recoveries.

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This product is compatible with Xorcom’s C/XR1000, C/XR2000, C/XR3000, C/XE2000, C/XE3000, CXT3000/4000 (Blue Steel), CXTS2000, CXTS3000 and CXTS4000 series of IP-PBX.