PBX Emergency Call Notification

Comply with PBX Emergency Call Notification Regulations
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Emergency Dialing in CompletePBX
Compliance with US Kari’s Act Law of 2017 and other Regulations.

PBX emergency calls


In any PBX, emergency phone calls require special handling.  In some cases, it is even specifically laid out in legislation.
Emergency calls must get priority over any other settings.

Emergency numbers must go through from any PBX extension regardless of the extension status or other PBX settings.
In many cases the organization wants local staff to be informed of such emergency calls being dialed and have the PBX automatically perform special actions upon emergency dialing.

CompletePBX Emergency module allows special priority handling of any emergency call per the organization’s policy and local regulations.

The PBX Emergency Call Notification module in CompletePBX is used to detect when someone is dialing an emergency call center, such as 911 in the United States (USA) or 999 in the United Kingdom (UK). While the call is being processed, another call is made to an alternate destination to notify staff that someone just dialed an emergency number.

Who Benefits from the PBX Emergency Call Notification Feature?

This PBX emergency call notification feature, standard in all CompletePBX models, is very useful in hotels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and virtually any large office.

How does the PBX Emergency Call Notification Module Work?

Note that the outgoing emergency call is not interrupted. The call will select the appropriate outside line based on what is programmed in outbound routes. CompletePBX detects when the emergency call is dialed, then initiates another call for notification.

Multiple emergency numbers may be created. For example, different numbers may exist for fire or medical emergency. This also comes in handy for international applications as this feature is not limited to a 911 or 999 code. Virtually any phone number can be used as an emergency code.

There is a hijack emergency call feature included in this module as well. While Xorcom does not condone interrupting an emergency call for any reason, this feature could apply to large resort (typically found in the Caribbean or other parts of the world) that has their own emergency response facilities. Rather than the call going out to the regular police or hospital that may be a great distance away, the resort has the option of interrupting the call and rerouting it to their own internal emergency facilities, in order to provide faster response to their guests.