Public Address System for IP-PBX

Rapid PA™ Allows You to Create a Public Address System Based on Your Telephone Equipment
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P/N = XR0067

Rapid PA is an add-on for Astribank™ or Xorcom IP-PBX that interfaces with any FXS port to provide public address functionality. The small stand-alone unit is activated by simply dialing the port’s extension number.

Each Rapid PA unit is equipped with 2 RJ11 ports. The ‘PBX’ port connects directly to an Astribank FXS port and the ‘PA’ connection connects to the PA ‘line in’ (‘audio in’) port. The PA device itself can be anything from a standard personal computer speaker with an internal amplifier to an industrial-strength amplifying system.

How it Works

Rapid PA does not need a power supply – it uses the Xorcom FXS feed for its operation. A LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicates “line active” status, simplifying installation and testing. When a call is placed to the FXS port extension to which the Rapid PA is connected, the Rapid PA immediately “answers the call” (i.e., goes to “off hook” position) and the caller can place his/her call through the IP system. The origin of the PA message in not important; it can be an analog phone, an IP phone, a call from an incoming line or even from a soft phone overseas. The PA system is automatically disconnected when the call terminates.

The small size and simple installation of the Rapid PA unit make it easy to install multiple local PA amplifiers in different locations. Even a low cost PX loudspeaker (with built-in amplifier) can be used as a small PA system.

Multiple Rapid PA devices can be connected to multiple FXS ports and loudspeakers to provide multi-zone support.

Rapid PA connects to your telephone system and loudspeaker to provide public address functionality.

Rapid PA connects to your telephone system and loudspeaker to provide public address functionality to your business.