Suretec Telecom VoIP reseller in Scotland, United Kingdom

Region Served: Scotland & United Kingdom
Company Brief

Suretec Telecom was created in 2008 to give organisations control over their telecoms infrastructure using Asterisk and other open source telecom software.

“Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine, and it offers flexibility unheard of in the proprietary telecoms sector, which is why it has empowered developers the world over to create advanced communications solutions, from power companies to call centres, from medium sized businesses to universities, major international companies and Xorcom are at the heart of it.” – Gavin Henry, Managing Director at Suretec Telecom

Geographical Area Coverage

Scotland (specifically); United Kingdom



Additional Services

  • Technical support: Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm
  • Infrastructure preparation
  • Installation services
  • SIP trunking integration
  • SIP phones sales: Aastra, Cisco, Snom, Yealink

Contact Information

  • E-mail address:
  • Tel. +44 1224 279484
  • Web Site:
  • Company Address: The James Gregory Centre, Aberdeen Science and Technology Park, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB22 8GU

Customer Quotes

“The call recording service has greatly enhanced our efficiency, and saved us more than £15,000. And the VoIP system is saving us thousands of pounds per year.” – Habib Datoo, director of e-commerce at Dreamticket

“Suretec worked with us for nearly two years before we ever needed to meet in person, as all work was carried out remotely, and very successfully.” – Habib Datoo, director of e-commerce at Dreamticket

Xorcom Authorized Reseller Partner