IP PBX Phone Systems for Transportation and Logistics Companies

Remote workers benefit from secure, easy access to corporate communication features with this VoIP phone system for transportation and logistics

VoIP PBX Phone System for Transportation & Logistics Companies

Mobile and VoIP communications are a necessity for transportation and other logistics companies with responsibilities to keep both office staff and drivers connected. Client satisfaction is greatly impacted by accurate tracking of business operations. The unique requirements of firms in the transportation sector can only be met by a flexible, reliable communications solution.

Easy to Use and Cost Saving VoIP PBX Systems

Unlike proprietary systems, the CompletePBX VoIP phone system eliminates the need for layers of support and per extension license and maintenance fees. The system integrates a broad range of endpoints so that existing equipment can be used while new devices, such as smart phones and tablets, can be added. CompletePBX simplifies communications management and reduces costs by converging voice and data services over a single channel.

VoIP PBX Benefits for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

  • Customized inbound call routing for fast and efficient call processing
  • Cell phone and smartphone integration
  • Extensive call reporting
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Integrated call accounting software
  • Voicemail and fax-to-email (unified messaging)
  • Redundancy through Xorcom’s TwinStar Plus hot failover capability for IP-PBX to maximize business continuity

Transportation and logistics industry: VoIP PBX Phone System User Review

Ignacio Aguerre, Marketing Manager, SAPP

Ignacio Aguerre, Marketing Manager, SAPP

As per Ignacio Aguerre, Marketing Manager, SAPP:

“Our company’s internal communication has benefited greatly from the new technology, not only in the cost savings, but also in the smart reuse of the existing resources, such as data connections and PSTN lines.”

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