VoIP PBX Phone Systems for Telephony Companies (Telcos), Operators and Carriers

Telecommunications providers will appreciate CompletePBX IP-PBX built-in security, support for multiple interfaces, and competitive cost of ownership

A multi-tenant PBX system can be highly advantageous for telecommunications companies, operators, and carriers due to several reasons:

  • Cost savings: Multi-tenant PBX system allows multiple tenants or customers to share the same infrastructure and resources, which can result in significant cost savings for telcos and carriers. No need to invest in separate PBX systems for each tenant or customer.
  • Scalability: Multi-tenant PBX systems are highly scalable, which is important for telcos and carriers that need to accommodate the growing communication needs of their customers. With a multi-tenant PBX system, they can easily add or remove tenants or customers as needed for their growing customer base.
  • Flexibility: Multi-tenant PBX systems offer flexibility in terms of deployment options. They can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, depending on the needs and preferences of the telco or carrier.
  • Customization: Multi-tenant PBX system can be customized to meet the specific needs of each type of tenant or customer. This can include custom branding, features, integrations and specific needs of resellers, call-centers, hotels, or enterprise clients.
  • Easy management: Multi-tenant PBX systems are easy to manage, which is important for telcos and carriers that need to manage multiple customers or tenants. With a multi-tenant PBX system, they can manage all tenants or customers from a single centralized interface, simplifying the management process and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Optimized resource consumption: Multi-tenant PBX system allows multiple tenants or customers to share the same infrastructure and resources, which leads to cost reduction, and enables advanced monitoring and management capabilities to optimize resource usage for the service provider.

VoIP PBX Phone System for Telcos, Operators and Carriers

Telcos (also known as telephone company carriers and operators) need to provide secure, feature-rich, uninterrupted communications services to their clients. The telco’s communication infrastructure is often complex, comprised of various telephony interfaces to support a wide variety of clients, which can present integration and security challenges. In addition, for business to be profitable, the IP-PBX must be easy to install and maintain, with a clear, competitive cost of ownership (COO). The unique requirements of telcos can only be met by a cost-effective, reliable communications solution.

Easy to Use and Cost Saving IP PBX Systems

Unlike proprietary systems, the CompletePBX IP-PBX eliminates the need for layers of support and per extension license and maintenance fees. The system integrates a broad range of endpoints so that existing equipment can be used while new devices, such as smart phones and tablets, can be added. CompletePBX simplifies communications management and reduces costs by converging voice and data services over a single channel using VoIP protocols.

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VoIP PBX Benefits for Telcos, Operators & Carriers

  • Built-in security provides best protection against cyber attacks
  • PRI, BRI ISDN, R2, FXO, FXS interfaces supported
  • Confirmed interoperability with a wide range of vendors endpoints (IP phones, door phones, public address systems, electronic gates, burglar alarms, etc.)
  • Support for high densities with built-in reliability
  • Redundancy through Xorcom’s TwinStar Plus hot failover capability to maximize business continuity
  • Local certified Xorcom distribution partners carry inventory and provide timely support
  • Professional, on-line technical training courses available
  • Field-proven with tier-1 carriers in multiple countries