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IP PBX rerseller - Amboya Ltd

Region Served: APAC, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore

Company Brief

Amboya is a value-added re-seller of Telecommunication equipment in APAC, our clients challenge us with different requirements for technological solutions, the reseller of IP PBX in APAC.

We provide the best creative and responsive solutions and deal with a variety of technological areas: Telecommunication, IT, HLS (Home Land Security), Water, Energy and Agriculture. We work with the best breed of technological partners and vendors.

The combination of our long-term work and cooperation with leading high-tech companies, together with our vast experience in APAC, enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to meet the Telecom and IT needs of organizations, as well as to provide turn-key solutions and Value-Added Services for Operators and ISPs, as well as training in various technological fields.

Geographical Area Coverage

APAC, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore

Contact Information

  • E-mail address: amosg@amboya.com
  • Tel. +972-522-467-108
  • Web Site: www.amboya.com


Xorcom Authorized Reseller Partner