VoIP Phone System installation for Hotel, Colombia

Atton Hotel El Tesoro

Xorcom made our IP Telephony installation very smooth; the new Aton hotel VoIP phone system gives more personalized treatment to guests, facilitates better service opportunities to staff, and provides better control to the technical team. But the real beauty is the fast and friendly deployment when compared to traditional brands that demand license procedures in the middle of kick up process.

Indalecio Camacho

C.E.O., Teledata

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Main Challenge

To install in less than 30 days an IP telephony system along with Micros-Fidelio PMS for 225 rooms and Call Center module, running over Oracle data base.

Xorcom Solution

Two CTS3000 IP-PBX with TwinStar for dual-server redundancy, with Xorcom Complete Concierge PMS and Call Center Statistics Module (Pro) for CompletePBX


Hotel PBX ColombiaAton El Tesoro Hotel is a business class 21 building hotel located inside the renowned Parque Comercial El Tesoro that combines culture, trends, entertainment, with shops and restaurants. Atton El Tesoro Medellín was inaugurated in May 2018 and is the new proposal of the Atton Hotels in Colombia.

Aton hotel has 238 comfortable soundproof rooms, with wifi included. On the roof, you will find the endless pool and the Periferico Bar, both with spectacular views of the city of Medellin..

PBX Project:
IT department was planning to deploy a telephony solution integrated with Micros Opera PMS (Property Management System) under an established budget and time frame. The entire project, connecting and configuring 238 rooms, 70 business extensions, plus the integration with Micros Opera, took only 10 days on-site.

Customer Requirements

VoIP PBX Hotel ColombiaAton´s most important requirement was the integration with Micros Opera PMS. Another important requirement was a stable hardware platform to connect 238
rooms (IP extensions) spread across a 21-floor tower, 65 business extensions and the deployment of a 4 agents Contact Center.

All enterprise telephony features such as conference, voice mail, ring groups, call forwarding, and time-based routing, for use in the back-office and administration departments were given to the hotel. The goal was to facilitate a ‘single vendor’ IP
PBX solution, which would include all the different components of a hotel telephony system.

Proposed Solution

TwinStar Server Redundancy - Special configuration optimized for automatic failover of entire PBX and based on XE series

Xorcom CTS3000

Teledata Colombia proposed the Xorcom CTS3000, an IP PBX with SIP trunks and
Call Center Statistics Module (Pro).





Solution PBX HotelThe new Xorcom solution offers a wide range of license-free telephony features.
Staff and guests are no longer bound to the number of ports and licenses in the
PABX. The flexibility of Move-Add-Change (MAC) is now possible without vendor lock-in. PMS integration is now native to the IP PBX. The Call Center Statistics Module is leveraging service level and management possibilities.



Xorcom adds value to our client´s businesses since a reliable telephony system is a very important part of the hospitality business. The underlying Asterisk telephony features are extremely useful in a business segment like hospitality, and Xorcom’s Linux-based system architecture is super cool for technical management.

The PMS integration along with a Call Center Statistics software all in a nice box, great engineering, and robust software make Xorcom PBX an intelligent choice for today´s hospitality market.