NeturallySpeaking- VoIP PBX reseller in Florida, USA

Region Served: Florida, USA
Company Brief

NeturaIIySpeaking is a leading provider of IP communication services for business and enterprise customers; including network telephony solutions integration based on the Asterisk telephony platform. Founded in 2002 with the commitment to provide customers with the highest quality Business Class VolP (Voice over IP) available in the industry, NeturallySpeaking operates a best-in-class IP network enhanced specifically for voice communications.

Our communication services include; SIP origination and termination services to telecommunications carriers, Hosted PBX, SMS services, High Definition video and audio conferencing, IP Fax, secure VolP channels, and development of integrated voice/data applications NeturallySpeaking is a leading provider of integrated communications solutions and services for business customers.

NeturallySpeaking understands the importance of developing and maintaining an effective and efficient communications network and services. It understands this key component that ultimately defines our success.

Proven Track Record

Over the past seven years NeturallySpeaking has developed a proven track record of successful SIP/IP based communications implementations and services projects, all of which resulted in achieving our primary goal; that is, satisfied clients. Some of our Enterprise customers include:

  •     Allstate Insurance
  •     Transact Payment Systems
  •     Hillsborough County court foreclosure mediations Division
  •     Lakeside Pediatrics
  •     Advanced Hand & Plastic Surgery Center
  •     Stepps Towing
  •     Urology Consultants
  •     American Association of Physician Specialists and the AAPS
  •     ASI Building Products
  •    and more.

Extensive Network Coverage

  •     Footprint covering 8, 600 rate centers and growing
  •     Fully featured DID’s; including T38, E911, 411, Directory Listings
  •     LNP
  •     International DID’s
  •     Toll Free DID’s

Available IP Services

  •     Video Conferencing Bridge
  •     High Definition Audio Conference Bridge
  •     Secure SIP communications (TLS) for regulatory compliance
  •     Secure IP Fax

Geographical Area Coverage
Florida, USA

Contact Information

  • NeturallySpeaking LLC
  • Tel. (866) 448-0038
  • Web Site:
  • Company Address: 410 South Ware Boulevard #411, Tampa, FL 33619
Xorcom Authorized Reseller Partner