Phone System for Senior Care, Spain

Los Nogales

“The end result of the project has been overwhelmingly positive, in addition to technical performance, there was also significant cost reduction compared to the solutions previously used.”

Oscar Berlanga

CEO, Los Nogales

Diego Martín Nogales I.T. Tel: 914 280 270


Main Challenge

Provide telephony services for both internal and external communications, in a new facility

Xorcom Solution

One XR3014 IP-PBX appliance with four BRI ISDN digital ports

Customer Oscar Berlanga, CEO Los Nogales Paseo Imperial 26. 28005 Madrid Tel: 914 280 270 Industry: Senior Care


Los Nogales specializes in care for elderly and disabled (both physically and mentally) with nine residences, a day center and telecare service in Madrid, Spain, and a residence in Getafe, Spain. The initial customer requirement was to provide telephony services, encompassing both internal and external communications, in a new building. Before choosing the solution provider the customer asked for references from different solutions previously used in similar buildings, and including new options that would improve performance.

Customer Requirements

The customer indicated that the phone system must support a large number of extensions (over 500). The building was wired with CAT6 cabling and had three data centers – a main center and two satellite data centers – connected only by fiber optic cable. Furthermore, the existing analog equipment was to be supported. Additionally, the phone system must be able to reach the SIP trunk provider via channels.

Proposed Solution

Components of the proposed solution included:

  • a Xorcom XR3014 IP-PBX with four BRI ISDN digital ports
  • 11 Grandstream 24-port ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) units to connect the patient nurse call system in each room
  • 30 Yealink T-26 endpoints
  • 20 NEC IPDECT antennas
  • 30 DECT M155 wristband messaging devices

The Xorcom XR3014 IP-PBX appliance fits nicely in Los Nogales’ communications rack.


The customer is very satisfied with the results, citing the following characteristics of the Xorcom-based communications solution:

  • It uses current standards-based technology
  • Not being a closed solution, it can be administered easily
  • No additional wiring to the existing (CAT3) was necessary
  • It supports an unlimited number of extensions
  • Any SIP endpoint can be used
  • It integrates seamlessly with the existing analog equipment