TwinStar High Availability PBX Supports Remote Locations

May 1, 2017 | IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Product News, VoIP PBX News and Blog

Xorcom announced support in UDP protocol for TwinStar high availability systems, allowing better support in remote location failover and virtual machine setup.

TwinStar System Layout for Remote Location

“Previously TwinStar supported only Multicast protocol for server synchronization in the TwinStar PBX.” says Eran Gal, Xorcom CEO  “Adding the UDP option allows us to meet customers’ needs for remote location failover and work virtual machine TwinStar systems which is becoming increasingly important in todays work environment”.

TwinStar systems still come with Multicast protocol selected by default, here’s how to change that to UDP:

New parameter COROSYNC_CFG_TEMPL has been added to the twinstar_config.conf file.
This parameter should point to a Corosync configuration template file.
The new package provides two templates:
* corosyncmcast.tpl – typical Corosync multicast configuration. This template is used by default even when the COROSYNC_CFG_TEMPL is not configured at all.
*  corosyncudp.tpl – typical Corosync UDP configuration. Should be used when more tolerant Corosync communication is required. It can be necessary when the Corosync is configured to work via Ethernet interface connected to the office LAN rather than via direct Ethernet cable..
In special cases it is also possible to create a new custom template file and put there some advance Corosync configuration parameters. Then  that file may be defined in the COROSYNC_CFG_TEMPL parameter.

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