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Make sure that the PBX is connected to the Internet and the DNS settings are correct.

1. On srv-a Install ccStatsPro on the srv-a as it is described in this Wiki article:


2. On srv-a Move ccStatsPro files from the /var/www/html folder to the /opt folder in order to avoid their automatic replication:

mv /var/www/html/stats /opt

ln -s /opt/stats /var/www/html/stats

chown -R asterisk:asterisk /opt/stats

3. On srv-b

Copy the ccStats files from srv-a and delete the license file:

scp -r [email protected]:/opt/stats   /opt

rm /opt/stats/asterniclic.php

chown -R asterisk:asterisk /opt/stats

rm -fr /usr/local/parselog

scp -r [email protected]:/usr/local/parselog  /usr/local

rm -fr /usr/local/ioncube

scp -r [email protected]:/usr/local/ioncube   /usr/local

scp [email protected]:/etc/php.d/ioncube.ini   /etc/php.d

scp [email protected]:/etc/rc.local   /etc/rc.local

4. On srv-a Configure automatic running the ccStats log parser on the active server. Uncomment the CCSTATS_ENABLE=Yes line in the /usr/share/twinstar/twinstar_config.conf file. Run the following command:

/usr/share/twinstar/twinstar_config -i

On TwinStar+

/usr/share/twinstar/twinstar_config reconfigure -i

5. Make srv-b to be active and activate the srv-b license by preforming the Online Registration ( as described in the ‘How to install ccStatsPro on CompletePBX’ article ). Run on srv-a:

twinstar jump

On TwinStar+

twinstar-ctl take-over

6. Make srv-a to be active. Run on srv-b:

twinstar jump

On TwinStar+

twinstar-ctl take-over