New CompletePBX Release – 5.2.5

Aug 29, 2022 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

In this release: more multi-queue options in Wallboards, improved System Data report, performance improvements, Radius server authentication improvements, bug fixes

IMPORTANT NOTE! When upgrading from version 5.0.59 or older, follow the following procedure (click to expand)
If you are upgrading a Spark system, you may ignore the special instructions.
For any other system of version 5.0.59 or lower please perform the following steps:

1. run
yum install xorcom-centos-release

2.  run
yum update

This will ensure the system will be updated from the correct repositories.

PBX Improvements


  • It is now possible to select more than one queue in the Queue Agent widget.

System Data Report

More details are now available via the System Data Report (Admin -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics) to improve and speed up the diagnostic process when dealing with technical support issues:

  • Services status
  • Disk space usage
  • PBX Status – including:
    • uptime
    • number of current calls
    • SIP settings and peers’ status
    • SIP registration status
    • IAX2 settings and peers’ status
    • DAHDI information including the PTI spans status
  • Twinstar status – DRBD and the status of the nodes
  • Network information
    • configured IP addresses
    • the IP routing table
    • DNS configuration
    • Firewall configuration
    • Ping results of a well-known external host


  • Performance improvements for high-density systems 
  • RADIUS authentication performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Wallboards:
    • The queue Agent table resets after reload.
    • Queue Agent Talk Time presents the wrong time.
  • User Profiles could not be deleted
  • Fax cover fixes
  • Minor user-experience fixes
  • It was not possible to log into a queue number starting with “0”
  • Wrong telephony interfaces (Astribank) view in Chrome browsers

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