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Enterprise-grade VoIP phone system solutions providing flexibility, modularity, and no per-user license fees

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Xorcom’s free on-line VoIP PBX training courses teach basic (free of charge) and advanced skills for Xorcom IP-PBX

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PBX Cloud Call Recording Service

Xorcom PBX Cloud Call Recording Unlimited recordings, regardless of PBX size Secure, encrypted cloud storage Advanced & friendly management interface Hierarchical structure Granular permissions An ongoing relationship with the customer Fully integrated with...

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Contact Xorcom Phone Systems Please leave us your contact details and your request description, we will contact you ASAP.

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IP PBX Appliances

Up to 30 usersPhone System for SMB: Spark CXS1000 CXR1000 30 - 200 usersEnterprise Phone Systems: CXR2000 CXE2000   200 - 1500 usersEnterprise Phone Systems: CXR3000 CXE3000 Blue Steel CXT3000 Blue Steel CXT4000 200 - 1500 usersHigh Availability PBX: CTS2000...

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